10 Simple Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

It's that magical time of year, with lights and ornaments, gifts and family. But let's be honest...sometimes it doesn't feel very magical. In fact, it can be the most stressful time of year. A study by Harvard actually found that 62% of people in their survey reported elevated stress levels during the holidays, with only 10% of people saying they felt no stress at all. (I bet those were kids!)

I think we could all use a little more Christmas cheer, so I've put together 10 simple ways to spread Christmas cheer, whether it's with your own family or with perfect strangers!

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10 Simple Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

1. Pay for someone's meal.

When you’re in the drive-through at a fast-food restaurant, or picking up your holiday drink at Starbuck’s, pick up the tab for the person behind you. Alternatively, give your server a really good tip the next time you go out to eat!

2. Volunteer.

There are so many charity organizations to choose from, and the holidays are a busy season for all of them. Pick something close to your heart and find a way to give back to your community! 

If you love animals, volunteer at your local humane society. In a big city? A homeless shelter or soup kitchen could use an extra hand. Take your kids along to show them how fortunate they are and teach them the gift of giving back.

donate to the local animal shelter or volunteer during the holiday season

3. Donate toys to the humane society.

Dogs and cats in shelters need love, too! Buy a few new pet toys, or reach out to your humane society to see if they have other needs, and donate to the animal shelter. They may need new pet carriers, beds, blankets, food, or medicine, and you can help a pet in need!

4. Adopt a senior at a local senior living center.

Sadly, there are many seniors who don’t have families who visit regularly, or at all. Contact your local senior living center and find out if there are some sweet seniors in need of companionship, then arrange a visit. 

Bonus: make a gift basket full of treats to take when you go!

5. Help decorate your church or volunteer during Christmas services.

This is a very hectic time of year for churches, and they could definitely use some help getting everything ready for all the extra visitors! Use your decorating skills to help your church get festive! 

You could also donate your time by volunteering on busy Sunday mornings during the holidays. Greet visitors, help in the parking lot, make coffee, help people find seats, or lend your voice to the choir!

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6. Keep spare change & bills to donate to The Salvation Army.

We love those bell ringers at Christmastime! Be sure to keep spare change & bills on you this time of year and donate to The Salvation Army!

7. Give gifts to your delivery drivers & mail carriers.

Your delivery drivers and mail carriers work hard all year long, but they put in longer hours and more stops during the busy holiday rush. Reward them for their service with a special gift just for them!

Baked goodies, bags of candy, gift cards, coffee and a mug…anything to make them feel special works great! And don’t forget a thoughtful card to go with it.

8. Share baked goodies with your neighbors.

What better time of year to get to know your neighbors than the holidays! Bake some cookies and add a little card and ornament, then drop off baskets at each of your neighbors’ homes. 

Even better, arrange an open house and invite them to gather together!

9. Bless a family in need.

Many churches and non-profit organizations have a list of families in need. If you’re able to do so on your own, pick a family and bless them this holiday season. 

Or partner with your coworkers or members of your Sunday school class for an even bigger blessing!

10. Take another family with you to see Christmas lights.

Have some fun with your friends! The holiday season is so busy that we often spend more time checking off boxes on our to-do list than we do actually enjoying the season. Grab your friends, load up the car, and go see Christmas lights together!

Maybe invite them over to your house afterwards for eggnog and a Christmas movie! 

Whatever you do this holiday season, remember the reason we celebrate. The lights and decorations are beautiful, but nothing is more beautiful than the star that shone in the desert that blessed night when our Savior was born. Try not to stress about making things perfect, or filling the house with gifts. Instead, spend time with the people you love and savor the season!

Merry Christmas!

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