2019 PowerSheets Walk-Through Video

2019 will be my sixth year using PowerSheets for goal-setting and accountability. They are by far the best tool I've found for setting, tracking, and actually sticking to your goals. In this video, I take you page-by-page through the 2019 PowerSheets and give you tips for how to use them.

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When it comes to small businesses, Cultivate What Matters has my heart. Everything Lara Casey and her team creates is pure magic, in particular the PowerSheets goal-setting workbook.

There are three sections in your PowerSheets:

  • PowerSheets Prep: 34 pages where you dig into your unique goals and discover your “why”
  • Intentional Action Plans: Create step-by-step action plans for each of your goals, including the starting steps for each goal.
  • Monthly Tending Pages: Each month, you’ll create a tending list where you break down your goals into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks.



Take a video tour of the 2019 PowerSheets!