24 Days of Christmas – Day 11 – No-Bake Christmas Cookies

I love making Christmas cookies!  It makes it feel officially like Christmas in our house.  Last year, I was a little overzealous, and ended up making about 140 cookies in 3 different varieties…  Yea, too much.

This year, I wanted to make things a little easier on myself, but still make yummy cookies.  So, we decided on 3 different no-bake cookies recipes, and they are delicious!
All you need is cream cheese, Baker’s chocolate, and 3 different varieties of cookies – we used Oreo’s, Ginger Snaps, and Nutter Butter’s.
Marley used my handy-dandy Pampered Chef food chopper to crunch up the cookies:

Then we used my mixer to add cream cheese to the cookie crumbles, and melted some Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate:
We made little balls out of the cream cheese/cookie mixture, dipped in the chocolate, added some sprinkles, and refrigerated for an hour:
Let me tell ya, these suckers are scrumptious!  And fun to make, too.
They’re really easy, but if you need the recipes, here ya go:
See you tomorrow!
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