24 Days of Christmas – Day 15 – Memory Ornaments

We have a new tradition in the Thompson household this Christmas.  It’s something we will do every time we travel to a new vacation spot throughout the year, and every Christmas we’ll have new memories to add to our tree!

I’d like to show you how to make your own memory ornaments.  I started with a few simple supplies:
  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Paint pens
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Memories – I grabbed jars of sand we’ve collected from different beaches
I got the ornaments and paint pens at Michael’s.  I’ll be buying more ornaments after Christmas and keep them on hand so we can make more memory ornaments during the year.
Every time we visit a new beach, we bring home sand and shells and put it in mason jars.  So I grabbed a few of these to make ornaments.
First thing you need to do is find a cup small enough to hold your ornament upright, and a funnel to use to fill your ornament.
I put some sand from our wedding day in the first ornament, and a little shell I’ve been keeping that my daughter picked up on our wedding day:
I used a silver paint pen to write the location and year on the ornament – Destin, FL, 2008.  I tied a little ribbon and attached a hook, and voila!  Instant memory!
This is sand from our trip to Grand Haven last summer:
You can also make some cutesy decorative ornaments using scraps of ribbon and some glitter:
I love the versatility of these glass ornaments.  And I’m really excited to make more throughout 2012 to add to our tree next year! 
Oh, I have a little extra quick tip for you, too.  I was changing out the tea lights in my Snow Candles (remember those from Day 3?) and decided to reuse the empty tea light cans.
Do you see ’em?  Simply empty the wax and wick from the tea light can, cut the sides and fold in half.  You have an instant photo holder!  I’m using them to highlight a few of my favorite Christmas cards!
Easy, and FREE!  Love it!  🙂
So, we’re on Day 15!  Only 9 more days of our 24 Days of Christmas special!  I hope you’re loving it so far.  I’ll see you tomorrow!


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