24 Days of Christmas – Day 3 – Snow Candles

Ok, this is seriously so easy, but SUPER cute!  I’m going to show you how to add a little snow to your Christmas decor, even if you happen to live in a non-snowy area (like me, I’m a Georgia girl!). 

Ready?  Here’s all you need:

  • Mason Jars, any size
  • Epsom salts
  • Tea light candles
  • Any decorating items you want to use
Here’s what I did (so stinkin’ easy…):

After I washed my jars, I took the lids off except for the ring.  I burned the ends of my tiny ribbon so it would feed through the holes on the jingle bells.  I tied jingle bells to the ends of each piece of ribbon, then tied the ribbon around each jar.

Then, I poured random amounts of Epsom salts in each jar and used salad tongs to place a tea light in each jar.  I pushed down on them a little so they’d stay put.

Then I lit them.

I’m not kidding…it was that easy!  So go do it!  You’ll be done in about 10 minutes – perfect!  Decorating and crafting doesn’t always have to be time consuming or tedious.

I love our little Snow Candles.  I have no idea if we’ll have a white Christmas – we did last year but it’s not normal here.  But we’ll at least look like we had one with these cute candles, and they don’t make a sludgy-melty mess like real snow!

Thanks for stopping by for Day 3 of our 24 Days of Christmas!  Hope you’re enjoying your stay so far!  See you tomorrow!

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