24 Days of Christmas – Day 8 – Christmas Card Station

So, have you mailed your Christmas cards yet?  Have you even printed them?  How ’bout a newsletter – doing one of those this year?

It can all get a little overwhelming, but with a little help and organization, it doesn’t have to be so crazy and stressful!
First thing on the list:  Christmas cards.  If you want some really cool custom photo cards, there are plenty of free ones out there.  You’ll just pay for printing!  Some of my favorites are compliments of Becky Higgins:
Picnik has some great ones, too – look under “Collages”.
As for your newsletter, Lain Ehmann has some great tips, and she shares them on Big Picture Classes.  I used some of her ideas and created our first ever Thompson Family newsletter!  So exciting!
So, to get organized, here’s what I did:
I use this cute little bin that I bought at Target for lots of things, and it’s perfect for wrangling all my Christmas card goodies.
Inside, I’ve gathered the following items:
  • Christmas cards (duh)
  • Envelopes (again, duh)
  • Stamps
  • Printed newsletter
  • Mailing and return labels
  • Stickers to seal the envelopes
Here’s our cool newsletter – like a newspaper!
All my lovely labels… (I used cute clip art in Word to make them extra Christmas-y)
And my cards, envelopes and stamps…
Using the assembly line method, I knocked out my cards in no time!  Good luck with your Christmas cards!  Hopefully that will be the least stressful part of your holiday preparations.  🙂
See you tomorrow!
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