A Happiness Mantra

Hooray!!!  It’s officially March, and that means today is the very first day of 31 Days to Happy!!  I totally feel like this:

I have had such great response since announcing this fun series!  What started out as a simple little idea in my big ol’ head has come full circle, and here we are!!!

If you haven’t heard about 31 Days to Happy, check out THIS POST for all the details!

Today I Choose To Be Happy 8x10I want you to understand a couple things before we dive into this series together, ok?

1. I’m naturally an upbeat, optimistic person, so I hope my joy will rub off on you!  It’s the real deal, I’m genuinely happy, and I’m not making it up or forcing it for the sake of this blog.  Pinky promise.  🙂

2. Happiness won’t come from “stuff”.  I won’t spend the next 31 days telling you things you can by or possess that will make you happy.  I tell my daughter all the time that we are the only ones in control of our feelings.  To be happy, you have to choose to be happy.

3. We can spend the next 31 days together, and you might be happy for most of those 31 days.  Then come April 1st, what happens?  Here’s the thing:  everything I am going to share with you this month can be taken with you, used again and again as tools for helping you overcome difficult situations and find your “happy”!  Isn’t that awesome-sauce?  I think so!

4. There will NOT be a daily blog post, but there will be several that coincide with the series.  That’s why I also created an email list & private Facebook group.  You can also follow along on Instagram & Twitter, where I’ll be sharing every single day throughout the month.  I encourage you to share your own “happy” using #31daystohappy.

Are you ready??

I thought it would only make sense to start this series off with a very important task that can carry us through the next 31 days, and long after.  Today’s dose of “happy” is…

Create a MantraYep.  You are tasked today to create a mantra for yourself.

What is a mantra?

MantraI want you to create a one or two line mantra, a positive affirmation, that will encourage you every time you read it.  This is where you’ll build yourself up, remind yourself that you are awesome, and beautiful, and by golly people like me!

*ahem* I got a little carried away.  Sorry about that.

Maybe you just need a reminder that happiness is a choice.  You can print out that cute little artwork I posted up at the top of this post and tape it to your bathroom mirror, or fridge, or in your car…wherever you need the reminder.  (Just click on that picture, or HERE, to open the bigger version.  Right-click and save to your computer.  BAM!  Instant 8×10 happiness!)

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Want to know my mantra?
My Mantra

Need some help with your mantra?  Here are tons from a quick search online.

Create your mantra, and if you feel like sharing, please do!  You can share it on Twitter or Instagram with #31DaystoHappy, leave a comment here on the blog, or share it in our Facebook group!


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