5 Quick Tips for Effective Blog Planning

One thing I’ve learned the hard way since I began this blogging journey more than five years ago is that there is a LOT more to blogging than just writing blog posts.  I’ve always been pretty organized, but when it comes to keeping up with all of the various blog-related tasks, I’ve had to learn the best methods for me through trial & error.  That’s why I decided to put together my 5 Tips for Effective Blog Planning.  (contains affiliate links)

5 Quick Tips for Effective Blog Planning  |  Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

1.  Plan your posts in advance.

When you know well in advance what your blog post topics will be, you can spend more time making them awesome!  You can plan holiday and seasonal content well in advance and start thinking about specific posts, what supplies you’ll need, any sources that might back up your point, etc.

2.  Plan your social media content.

Don’t forget about social media!  Being a blogger is about a lot more than just blog posts, so keep a running list of things you want to share on your various social media channels.  Also remember to share a good mix of your own content & other blogger’s content that relates to your niche.

3.  Set a posting schedule that works for you.

Not everyone has time to spend writing, editing, and posting 3-5 times each week.  Set a posting schedule that works for you so you won’t be stressed, you’ll know when you need to have content prepared, and your readers will know when to expect something new!

4.  Use one master editorial calendar.

I have multiple small planners and lists for blogging, but I always compile everything into one master editorial calendar.  I sit down each week and sync all of my calendars so I know what’s coming and make any changes necessary.  I work full-time and blog full-time, so I have to keep on top of my posting schedule if I want to maintain consistency on my blog.

5.  Leave some wiggle room.

Whether it’s a sponsored post, or a sickness in the family, things happen that ultimately throw our schedule for a loop.  Allow yourself some wiggle room in your schedule to move things around when these things happen so you don’t get stressed trying to keep up!

Bonus Tip: Try to keep a couple of posts drafted for back-up when things get crazy!

I contribute to Yellow Bliss Road once a month, and I can repost those projects on my own blog later.  I like to keep those as back-up posts in case life is just too dang busy and I need to fill a hole in my calendar.  It’s always nice to have back-up!

My friend Corey at Tiny Sidekick just updated her already awesome Blog Planner, and this time she included an e-guide that can help you blog more effectively!

So many awesome tips for a blogging system that works!The e-guide is quite honestly my favorite part (although the planner itself is stinkin’ awesome, too).

Corey shares the details of how she uses her blog planner, plus how she creates schedules for her social media channels that have helped to increase her pageviews tremendously!

You know that whole “reinvent the wheel” thing?  Yea, that applies here.  What Corey is doing is working, and she shows you exactly what she’s doing so you can implement the process and make it work for you, too!

If you want to truly get organized, and work SMARTER, not harder, click HERE to get the details of the new 2015-2016 Blog Planner & E-Guide by Tiny Sidekick!

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