5 Reasons Why You Should Attend SoFabU on the Road

I am writing this post in exchange for a discounted conference ticket to SoFabU on the Road; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.  #CollectiveBias  #SoFabUOTR #ad

In just 5 short weeks, the city of Atlanta will play host to a bunch of bloggers anxious to learn and engage with one another.  I’m attending SoFabU on the Road, and would love to see you there!  If you’re a blogger, I’ve got 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend SoFabU on the Road in Atlanta!

SoFabUOTRI have attended two blog conferences and really enjoy the opportunity to learn from other bloggers, as well as the opportunity to meet some of the people I only know online.  It’s a truly great experience.  I’m looking forward to SoFabU on the Road in Atlanta for many of the same reasons, but there’s something a little unique about this particular conference that caught my eye.

If you have been on the fence about attending a blog conference, or think they’re all the same, I’ve got 5 reasons why you might be intrigued by SoFabU on the Road.

#1 – Hands-On & Interactive

SoFabU on the Road is similar to other conferences in the sense that it is an educational opportunity for bloggers.  The biggest difference, however, is the fact that the sessions are hands-on.  What does this mean?

Rather than you, as a blogger, sitting in a room listening and taking notes, you are actively participating in the learning experience.  It’s interactive, which means you learn by doing.  How cool is that?!

#2 – The Conference Comes to You

Unlike most annual blog conferences that require you to travel to them, SoFabU on the Road goes…well, on the road!  Covering 11 cities over the course of a calendar year, there’s sure to be one in your area at some point!

Simply choose the location nearest to your hometown and attend!

#3 – Save Money

When you travel to a big blog conference, you shell out several hundred dollars in travel expenses, hotel accomodations, and the cost of the blog conference ticket.  SoFabU on the Road is a one-day event, so if you live close by, you don’t even need a hotel!  At the most, you might stay one night.

And the fact that this conference travels across the country, chances are pretty good that you won’t have to go too far to get there in the first place!  Plus, the cost of the conference ticket itself is a fraction of the larger conferences that last 2-3 days.

#4 – Tour the City

This is such a cool feature of SoFabU on the Road.  Each city’s conferences comes with an ambassador, a blogger from the host city who puts together an adventure for those in attendance.  Since each city is different, each adventure is different!  You never know where you’ll end up or what you’ll experience!

And the best part is, this is all part of the conference price!

#5 – Meet & Mingle with the Locals

How cool would it be to meet some like-minded individuals in your own hometown who do what you do and love what you love?  That’s what’s so great about SoFabU on the Road!  You get to connect with other bloggers who live near you!

Set up monthly meet-ups, hang out for brainstorming sessions, plan events together, or just build new friendships!  By bringing local bloggers together, SoFabU on the Road opens the doors for all of these opportunities!

Will you be in Atlanta?

I certainly hope so!  Here are the details:

Date & Time: September 19, 2015 beginning at 8:30am
Location: Embassy Suites Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park
Keynote Speakers: Joyce Brewer, Summer Davis, & Nate Engels

For all of the details, including the agenda & registration information, visit the Atlanta page HERE.  (Psssttt…early bird tickets are still on sale through Aug. 19th!)

I’d like to give a special thank-you to this year’s sponsors:  Muller, Kraft, Mitsubishi, Johnny Rockets, and iBlog magazine!  Thank you for making this possible!

Can’t make the Atlanta conference?  No worries!  Be sure to visit the home page and sign up for the newsletter to get updates on the 2016 conferences starting back up in January!


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