60 Frozen Treats Perfect for Summer

Hey y’all!  This week, The Crafted Collective team and I have rounded up some mouth-watering goodness that’s just perfect for summer snacking!  Try not to drool on your keyboard!  We’ve got 60 Frozen Treats ready to go!

60 Frozen Treats for Summer  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceI hope your summer is off to a fantastic start!  It hasn’t hit the hottest part of the summer yet here in Georgia, but I know it’s coming.  We’re having friends over to celebrate the 4th of July so I know I’ll be making some of these frozen treats to help us beat the heat that day!

Before we get started, don’t forget to say “hi” to my lovely cohosts:


Bethany: Pitter & Glink  |  Emily: The Benson Street  |  Kara: Happy Go Lucky

Are you ready to cool off with some yummy frozen treats?  Let’s go!

Strawberry Orange Banana Popsicles

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Lemon Bowls


Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Bananas (my personal favorite!)

Breakfast Popsicles (shut.up!)

Breakfast Parfait Pops

Easy (and Healthy) 3-ingredient Ice Cream

Sweet Tea Popsicles (Honey hush!)

3-Ingredient Strawberry Banana Popsicles (can you guess 2 of the 3 ingredients??)

Passion Tea Lemonade Popsicles

Rainbow Jell-O Popsicles

Watermelon Kiwi Popsicles

Chocolate Drizzed Frozen Fruit Skewers

Pineapple Orange Banana Popsicles

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

Red, White, and Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles

So there you go – all the frozen yummyliciousness you can handle!  Don’t forget to pop over and visit my cohosts to get the full 60 Frozen Treats for Summer!

Pitter & Glink

The Benson Street

Happy Go Lucky

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