60 Sweet Baby Gift Ideas

I recently became an aunt for the first time and I am so in love with my sweet niece I can’t stand it!  It’s been a LONG time since my “baby” was a baby, but I still love all the sweetness that comes with babies!  Today, my creative cohosts and I have put together 60 Sweet Baby Gift Ideas for all the new bundles of joy coming into the world!

60 Sweet Baby Gift Ideas  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceAs always, take a moment to visit each one of my cohosts for The Crafted Collective:Cohosts

Bethany: Pitter & Glink  |  Emily: The Benson Street  |  Kara: Happy Go Lucky

Some gifts are just sweet and thoughtful, while others are more functional.  Here is my Crafted Collective of DIY Baby Gifts:

Baby Dino Taggy


Organized Baby Paperwork Folder


10-Minute Baby Blanket


Baby Headband Holder


Baby Circle Skirts


Velcro Swaddle Wrap


Stretchy Baby Hats with Top Knots


Baby Blocks


Baby Sleeping Door Hanger


Faux Vest Onesie with Interchangeable Bow Ties


Car Seat Canopy Cover


Changing Pad Covers


Hooded Towels


Terry & Flannel Burp Cloths


Modern Ombre Triangle Quilt


There’s still more to see!  Be sure to visit my cohosts to see their collection of baby gifts, too:

Pitter & Glink

The Benson Street

Happy Go Lucky

For more crafts for kids, try these:

No-Sew Sock Elephant

Winnie the Pooh Bingo Game

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  1. Hey, Kirsten ~ Congratulations on becoming an auntie! It’ so fun, and you get to be fun, crazy Aunt Kirsten! :0) Awww, these are all so cute! I have mostly nephews {come on, girls, time to take this family over!}, and that faux vest onesie and bow tie is totally adorable!! I’ll be picking up a few of those this holiday season. Thanks for putting this together! Have a great day!


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