A Homework Station Fit For A Tween!

All week long here on One Tough Mother, we’ll be focusing on Back To School goodness!
Today is a very important day in the life of my sweet daughter.  She is officially a middle-schooler!  I could not be more proud of her and all that she has accomplished up to this point.  She is in the Talented & Gifted program, has 4 advanced classes and will be taking French!
Academically, Marley has always been a top student in her class.  Middle school is going to be very challenging, there’s no doubt, so I wanted to arm her with the tools she will need to be a continued success.
Marley’s bedroom isn’t really big, so I had to do a little rearranging to create a Homework Station for her.  But I knew it would be extra important for her to have her own quiet space to study, so I made it happen.
At the foot of her bed, she had a dresser and the few remaining toys she still plays with – her American Girl doll and accessories, and Littlest Pet Shop.  Her closet is pretty deep, so I was able to move her dresser into her closet to make room for a desk.  The toys got moved around a bit as well to create even more usable space.
We already had this cube in her room, but it needed some organization.  All of her books and journals are now in order, and the two bins at the bottom now hold school supplies.  Perfect!
My poor daughter has been deprived, considering we moved into our house over a year ago and I have yet to hang any artwork in her room, with the exception of one big picture over her bed.  So I finally hung some things on her wall, including the two images above.
The picture on the left is a piece of artwork that Marley made last year in her fifth grade art class.  I bought it at the end of the school year during their art presentation fundraiser, and thought she would enjoy having it in her room.
The picture on the right is a bulletin board that I made just for her new Homework Station.  I took the glass out of an 11×14 frame, covered a piece of foam board in scrapbook paper, then decorated the frame with teal washi tape!
Check out my shopping trip to Target and see the goodies I picked up for this Homework Station (and a few goodies I had to pass up…for now!) HERE.
Stop by tomorrow for the tutorial on that awesome desk, too!
Need more back-to-school inspiration?  Check out my Back To School Pinterest board!
Now it’s your turn:
– Do your kids have a designated Homework Station?
– What essentials do your kids need to get their homework done?
– Do you secretly wish you were a student again so you could get all new supplies?  (I do!)


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  1. My daughter is going to Middle School too this year! So scary and exciting for them. MY daughter would love that desk with her friends pics–gonna share that with her later on tonight!!
    Thanks, Cindy @ Crazylou


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