A Quick Tour Around Our New House!

We have spent the past 4 days moving into our new house!!!  I’m so stinkin’ excited about the whole thing, and can’t wait to give you all a formal tour, but for now, I just want to show you what we’ve been up to…
{Warning:  Picture-Heavy Post!!}
The top priorities before we moved in were (1) clear the back yard and (2) paint the interior.
Item #1 – The back yard:
Now, by hubby is 6’2″, so you can see how tall some of the growth back there was.
It isn’t completely finished – not by a long shot – but it’s cleared enough that I feel good about my dogs running around without getting eaten by something.  We’ll eventually landscape a bit, build a deck…the whole nine yards.  (And yes, I’ll be documenting it all here!)
Item #2 – Painting the interior:
I’m in love with this color, especially with the wainscotting.  For anyone who cares, it is Naval by Sherwin-Williams.  🙂
SOOOOO much better!!!  We used the Naval on the accent wall, then painted the rest of the living room, and kitchen (see below) in Sands of Time, also by Sherwin-Williams.  You can get a better feel for the Sands of Time in the kitchen pictures.
{Looks like Christmas – that red dining room peeking into a green kitchen.  Ew.}
Seriously?  Way better, right?  🙂  LOVE!!!
I was determined to have a gray room, and I absolutely adore this color.  It’s Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin-Williams.  We painted the bedroom and bathroom the same color.  I’ll be accenting with beachy blues 😉
So there you have it for now!  We have tons of boxes still to unpack, and of course, you want to see these rooms furnished!  🙂  I promise I’ll post more soon.  Busy, busy right now.
What do you think so far, though?  I’d love your feedback!

6 Responses

  1. Looks like you have an AMAZING back yard, and I LOVE all the colors you’ve chosen! I think my favorite is the navy. It’s so chic! I can’t wait to see what else you do!

  2. Woah. There’s really a lot to do when you move in, and clearing the backyard should be one of the first things you do to ensure your safety. Perhaps you can do some landscaping afterwards. There are many choices on what you want your backyard’s landscape to look like. It could be a stately or colorful look for your backyard; it depends on your taste. Oh by the way, nice choice of color. Blue exudes freshness for your house. Good luck!

    Kathrine Landau

  3. Congratulations on your new house! People do get excited on the first weeks of moving in; it is the time where they can explore the new property. I like what you did on the home’s interiors; all the colors are truly visually pleasing. And good luck with getting the backyard done.

  4. Wow, I have to admit, the after photos does look better than the ones before. In my opinion, kitchens and living rooms should have a neutral color, like flesh or beige. Though, in this case, the bedroom would look better in flesh or beige rather than brown. You sure have great taste in designing you home the way you want it to. Are an interior designer?


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