Advice for Bloggers About Stats and Numbers

Pardon me while I step up onto my soapbox for a moment…

…ok, there.  {ahem}  Can you hear me from way up here?  Good.  See, here’s the thing.  I was chatting with one of my sweetest bloggy friends a couple weeks ago about stats and numbers and pageviews and all of those other numbers that bloggers tend to focus on so much, and it kinda got my blood pumping just a bit.  She and I, this awesomesauce friend that I have, both agreed that we don’t want to “go there”, becoming big stressballs worrying about our numbers being higher.  It got me to thinkin’…

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I’ve been a blogger for over four years.  Before my hiatus, I was averaging about 100,000 monthly pageviews.  That’s pretty dang good.  Now, I average somewhere in the 20,000 monthly pageview range.  Not too shabby, but nowhere near where I was in the One Tough Mother blog days, right?  Let me put this out into the universe, though:

I’m happier blogging now than I’ve ever been, even if nobody reads what I write.

So what gives?

I can honestly tell you, from firsthand experience, that there is unnecessary pressure on bloggers to perform to a certain level.  Whether sponsors or ad networks put the pressure on, we’re in that cooker and we’re about to explode.  Our focus is taken off of our lovely readers (hi y’all!) and onto what sponsors want.  Ummm…last time I checked, that big ol’ company that wants me to promote their product-of-the-moment doesn’t even know I exist, much less frequents my blog to leave love in my comments or ask questions and such.  So why do I care so much about them if they don’t care about little ol’ me?!

Now before y’all seasoned bloggers go and get all defensive, hear me out, mmm-k?  And you newbies?  Y’all stick around, too.  I might drop some knowledge on ya.

Guess what? This blog post sparked a brand new business in the fall of 2014. Head over to the new home for all things blog and email marketing related to read the rest of this epic post. (Promise it’ll be worth it!)


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