Another day, Another doctor visit

So, we went to another doctor’s appointment today – this time with Dr. Schwab, another chest doctor.  Fortunately, this was a quick visit, just a check-up.  We coordinated a small surgical procedure to correct a hernia in Mark’s belly button with his wrist surgery next week.  Other than that, we were in and out.
Mark has been poked and prodded, x-rayed and scanned, 8 ways from Sunday, so I thought I’d share of few of his recent “portraits”.  🙂


Mark had a good day today, pain-wise.  His doses of Percocet were spread out a lot further than normal, so that’s definitely good news.  We’ll be getting out of the house a little bit tomorrow to go see his mom – he’s looking forward to a little change of scenery.  And, we ordered his new phone today, so hopefully by Tuesday he’ll be back in business, so he should be able to receive calls.  Once we know for sure when that will be, though, I’ll let everyone know.
Other than that, nothing new to report.  Thanks for your continued prayers!



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