Back to School Countdown – 2 Days To Go!!

Only 2 days til school starts, and we are trying to squeeze as much summer out of the last 2 days as possible!
Back to School Countdown Day 2
 Today I invited Marley to a pool party at her grandmother’s neighborhood pool.
But first, we had to go get our nails manicured.  (We’ll see how long this polish lasts before she chews it off with her nasty little nail-biting habit…)
So this afternoon, off we went to the pool.  My mom’s neighborhood had a back-to-school pool party and cookout and there were kiddos everywhere!
We had a super fun day, and after swimming for a while, we came home to watch Soul Surfer – FANTASTIC movie.  Wow!  Marley made fun of me for crying, but how can you not?
Anyway, I’m beat – the pool wears me out!
See you tomorrow!
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