Back to School Countdown – 3 Days til School!

Happy Friday!  Only 3 days til school starts!  Last weekend of summer break…  I can hardly believe it.
Back to School Countdown Day 3
Today’s back-to-school gift for Marley was quick and simple, but she loved it, nonetheless.
We have searched all over for a cute lunchbox that didn’t cost a small fortune, so when I finally found one (at Target – YAY!) that I knew she’d like, I grabbed it.  So today, she got her lunchbox, and I filled it with yummy snacks.
She was really excited!
We also spent a little time at Kohl’s tonight looking for some shoes for back-to-school since the flip-flops will have to go in the closet on Monday.  We saw a few cute shoes in the kids section first:
Then we went to the women’s section and realized that my “little girl” can actually wear a size 6 in women’s shoes!  Are you kidding me?!
She wanted these:
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  Cute, but not for a 9 year old!  While she was checking out all the heels she wasn’t going to get, I saw something I will definitely be going back to get – check these out:
Aren’t those AWESOME!  Yea, I dig ’em.
Finally, Marley and I agreed on these cute little flats (in the women’s section):
My baby girl is growing up!  Soon she’ll be in my shoes!  Well, maybe not soon – I wear size 9!  🙂
See you tomorrow!
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