Back to School Countdown – 4 Days til School!

Our back to school countdown continues – 4 days to go!  Marley went to the Open House at school tonight to meet her teacher.  Her teacher is super sweet, and Marley is really looking forward to Monday.
Back to School Countdown Day 4Her teacher had a Student Survival Kit for each student, which worked out well, because for Marley’s little back to school gift today, she got….
A Back-To-School Survival Kit to make for her teacher!
Marley’s job today was to put together a gift basket and make a craft for Ms. Russell.
For the craft, I bought a pack of 48 crayons at Dollar Tree, and a little glass bowl.  We hot glued the crayons around the bowl and filled it with Smartie’s.  (By the way, we ended up needing almost all of those 48 crayons, so make sure you get enough.)
See how cute?!
Then it was time to put the gift basket together…but, I had a little trouble finding it:
I went to Dollar Tree and Target and got a few little things that I thought her teacher would appreciate – Tide To Go pen, cute little wall calendar, pencils, Advil (you know she’ll use that!), Kleenex…among other things.
Marley put it all together just the way she wanted, and voila!  A cute little Teacher Survival Kit for her teacher!
To check out all of the printables for my back to school countdown, check out yesterday’s post (all the way at the bottom).
See you tomorrow!
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  1. Very cute! I like the crayons on the glass bowl. 🙂 I made a survival kit for my son’s teacher as well. It also has the advil, a shout wipe, $5 teacher store gift certificate, chocolates, post its, cute binder clips, and a red teacher’s pencil. 🙂


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