Agree To Be Open

Welcome to the beginning of something beautiful.  Just by showing up today, and reading this post, the first in our 31-day series called Experiencing Joy, you are opening yourself up for amazing things to happen.

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It is with great joy that I introduce this series to you.  We will talk about joy in various forms, ways to spread joy to others, and how to help yourself feel joyful.

Each day throughout this series, I’ll share a piece of Scripture, a short blog post with my thoughts, & we’ll end with a call to action.  I’ve also created a daily Instagram prompt for you to join in – you can follow me on Instagram HERE.

Why the call to action?  The goal of this series is to get us all talking and sharing our stories.  I don’t want this to be just my voice.  I want to hear from you as well.  I want to experience joy together!

But before we can experience joy, we need to understand exactly what joy is.  Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Joy: (n) a state of mind and an orientation of the heart.  – Theopedia

Notice there is no mention of happiness in that definition.  I think a lot of us sometimes confuse or even combine happiness with joy, but the truth is, they are completely separate. Happiness is an emotion.  We feel  happy, things can make us happy, and, I’ve noticed, happiness has a limit.  After a while, you might not feel happy any longer.  Something happens that makes you sad or angry or {insert other emotion here}.

Joy, however, is a state of mind.  I like to think of it as a state of being.

Here’s another way to think about it:

Happiness is because of your circumstances.  Joy is in spite of them. Tweet: Happiness is because of your circumstances.  Joy is in spite of them.  #31JoyfulDays

Is it possible to be joyful while feeling sad?  How about being joyful while feeling angry?  Or disappointed?

I believe that it is.

But we’re not going to get into that today.

Today, I want you to simply be open to experiencing joy, and feeling joyful, regardless of your circumstances.

Be open.

Open your heart, open your mind.  Today, simply believe that being filled with joy is possible.

Call to Action:

How will you be more open to Experiencing Joy in your daily life?  

Share in the comments below, or send me an email!

I’ll be over hear clapping my hands and shouting to God!  🙂


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You can also visit my sweet friend Tricia who is sharing 31 Days of Documenting your Life with Joy through photography.  Visit her blog HERE and follow along on Instagram HERE.

8 Responses

  1. I could use a little more joy in my life. I know that God is the source of all JOY and it’s found IN Him. I’ve been met with recent challenges and changes, but one thing I know for certain, God remains the same! Looking forward to your series and to getting to know you better.

  2. Hey Barbie! I think we can all use a bit more joy in our lives, right?! Glad you’re here – thanks so much!

  3. What a great challenge! I never really realized the difference between happiness and joy! I have always used them interchangeably, thinking joy was a destination. Now I realize I can’t get to the destination without being happy on the journey!

  4. I love a post that promotes good things! There so much negative out there. That’s why I started the Daily Brain Vitamins. Can’t wait to follow the joy series.


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