Becky Higgins Project Life Preview

I absolutely love Project Life and pretty much anything else Becky Higgins does.  She’s amazing.  This is my first year doing Project Life.  Prior to this year, I was creating Shutterfly photo albums as an annual family album, and while I still really love these books, there’s something more personal about putting together a PL book.  At least, for me, anyway.

So, I’m really excited today because Becky has previewed some of the new and returning products in her PL line!  To see the complete line of the new stuff she previewed today, check out the catalog – available for download – here.

She’s got her 2 current binders making a comeback – the Amber edition and the Turquoise edition.  She’s also got TONS of different styles of page protectors, more journaling cards, and all kinds of great stuff!  It’s coming in October and I CAN’T WAIT!
Wait.  You don’t know what Project Life is???  Ok, seriously, you’ll be hooked.  It’s the easiest way to scrapbook without having to, well, scrapbook!  You take a picture a day, or a week, or whatever you want.  Then you write a little note on a journaling card.  Finally, you put your picture and journaling card in a little slot in the page protector, and voila!  You are creating your own Project Life book!  Easy, right?
I love it – SOOO very much!  Here are a few pictures of the kit when I first got it:
And now that I have been using it diligently since January 1st, here are some of my pages:
I will absolutely use Project Life again next year.  As a matter of fact, I bought another kit this year and I’m using it to organize and document Marley’s school memorabilia (pictures of that HUGE project coming soon!).  I’ve sorted through her school stuff beginning with her days in daycare all the way through 3rd grade – LOTS of stuff.  I’m photographing a lot of the artwork and I’ll be sizing it down to fit into the pockets.  It’s a big task, but will be wonderful when I get caught up!
Keep it comin’ Becky!  Can’t wait to see the two NEW PL designs coming soon!  YAY!


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