Behr v. Glidden Paint Comparison + Craft Room Sneak Peek

There’s been a really great invention in the paint industry – paint + primer in one.  I’ve recently had an opportunity to try both the Behr Paint & Primer in One and Glidden Duo versions, and wanted to share my findings with you today…and give you a sneak peek at my craft room remodel (which is still in process).
We bought our house almost a year ago and had most of the rooms painted prior to moving in.  One exception was my craft room/office, simply because I couldn’t decide what color I wanted it painted.  Eleven months later, it was still a God-awful ugly poop-green mess. And by mess, I mean:
What was meant to be a room that inspires me to create had become a room that was being used for craft supply storage and was honestly completely uninspiring.  Just keepin’ it real, people. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Mother’s Day was the magic day.  We went to church, had lunch, then headed to Home Depot to buy paint. When we got home, I assigned the task of laundry to my husband, sent my daughter outside to play, and I got started.
Seriously, how ugly is that color?  Gross.  I painted…

…and painted…

…and painted some more.

I was a painting machine!  I got the first coat of paint finished and allowed it to dry, then when I went back to start the second coat, I noticed something…I didn’t need it. Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my daughter’s bathroom reveal with you?  Here’s a quick review of the before & after:
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Why do I bring this up again, you ask?  Well, as you can tell from the pictures, when I painted my daughter’s bathroom, I painted a brighter blue over a darker blue.  Blue on blue. The paint I used in her bathroom was Behr Paint & Primer in Embellished Blue.  It took two coats & touch-ups in some places to cover completely.

Now fast forward to Mother’s Day weekend and the paint job I did in my craft room.  I covered a really dark green with a bright blue and only used ONE COAT.  I did a few small touch-ups in places where the roller was running a bit dry during my first coat application, but that was it.  One coat.

What paint did I use this time?  Glidden Duo in Deepest Aqua. Find your perfect shade HEREDifferent brand of paint, different results.

This bright, cheery, and colorful home office takes some design chances, but when everything comes together, it all makes sense! Great way to give a home office a facelift on a budget.

This bright, cheery, and colorful home office takes some design chances, but when everything comes together, it all makes sense! Great way to give a home office a facelift on a budget.
I love the color, and I’m so glad I used Glidden Duo for my craft room.  From now on, any room I paint will be painted with Glidden Duo.  It covers so much better with Behr Paint & Primer in One.  I bought a full gallon of paint for my craft room and used only about 1/3 of the gallon.  It truly covers that well.

I’ve got a little more work to do in my craft room before it’s finished, but I will be sure to share updates and of course, the big reveal with you soon!

I hope, if you’re planning a paint job in the future, this will help you choose the right paint for your home.

{By the way, this post was not sponsored by Home Depot, Behr, Glidden or any other brand.  The opinions are completely my own.  You’re welcome.}

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Would love to have my own craft room!!! Another dream house wish;) Thanks for sharing your review! 🙂

  2. Interesting. I painted my master bedroom with Behr paint and primer in one and was very happy with one coat, but couldn’t believe it, so I added a second. I then painted my TV room with Glidden paint and primer in one and after Two coats, it still needs another. In each case I was covering a basic beige with a light color (blue and green.)

  3. Your color came out very nice. I used the Glidden Duo in white to paint the kitchen. The walls were a light blue. I put on one coat, then another. The light blue was still showing through. I then applied a third coat and it didn’t help. Home Depot gave me the telephone number of the Glidden representative so I’m waiting for him to call me back to hear what he has to say. I was disappointed in the white but I didn’t want to use a darker color for the kitchen.

  4. I’m with the other two people, I used Glidden one time, it was the last time. Not only did it not cover well, but it was a gloss and a few weeks later when I went to wipe kids paw prints off it, it started wiping off the wall. Not peeling mind you, but wiping off the wall like the sponge had just dabbed up some wet paint.

  5. I am in the middle of moving my craft room to my upstairs since i have been an empty nester for quite some time. Well my husband had taken it over and boy oh boy he made much more of a mess than my 3 teenagers did !!!! Plus he smoked up there which I was not happy about. Well I needed a larger craft room so I booted him out made him smoke outside now. Mind you it had not been painted in many years and everything had a smoke film on it. It took 3 months to pick a color and in the meantime I painted several maybe a foot’s worth of several colors on the wall. My very good friend was going to paint for me. I went to Home Depot and got the paint the primer and paint in 1. We didn’t think it would ever cover in the 1st coat but lo and behold it did!!!! It was the Behr paint and it did a fantastic job. We painted 2 bedrooms kitchen and living room- which now was transformed into 2 large rooms and pulled the kitchen out. Funny thing my friend is a painter and really didn’t care for the paint at first but after using it we were both crazed and delighted !!! So its Behr paint for now on….

  6. I’ve been using Glidden Duo as my first choice of paint and I’ve been satisfied with the results. It took me one coat to paint the orange walls in my bathroom with charcoal grey and two coats on my living room which I painted the old dingy yellow walls with Hawaiian teal. So fat I can’t complain.

  7. I actually came across this page trying to find the difference between glidden premium paint plus primer and glidden duo paint plus primer. There was such a massive difference in the two when I painted I thought for sure there would be a blog about it. We got the duo to paint a room that was 14×16 and covered the entire room with a light silver gray eggshell over a dark tope egg shell. I only had to use about 1/2 of a can and was amazed, I still did a second coat but really did not need to it covered so well. A few weeks later we went to paint a room with same color difference that was 12×12 and my husband went to go get the paint and came back with glidden premium paint plus primer not duo and we both shrugged about it and got to painting. A massive difference in coverage. Went through an entire can and barley finished the first coat, it was so obvious it needed a second coat it was hard to tell what the color really looked like on the walls. The difference between the duo and premium was extreme.

  8. Thanks for your comments. My contractor had purchased Glidden and I wanted Behr. I feel more comfortable now that he made the right choice.

  9. You did a amazing job, Seems you are very professional 🙂 I love the bathroom after paint its look bright and light after the new paint. Thanks for sharing you ideas!


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