The Best Bible Study Tools on Amazon

I'm a sucker for cute and functional Bible study tools - sticky notes, Bible tabs, highlighters. I used to hoard school supplies, so maybe that's why I love to collect different tools that help me with my quiet time. It's not always easy to find Bible study tools in stores, so I've rounded up the best Bible study tools on Amazon.

best bible study tools on amazon

It took me many years to develop a strong Bible study habit. I grew up in church and followed along as the pastor or youth leader read scripture, but I didn’t learn how to study independently until just a few years ago. Now, it’s one of my favorite ways to spend my time. CLICK HERE to read more about my in-depth Bible study method.

In my quiet time, I’ve come to lean on various tools to help me along the way, whether it be books or other stationary. This is a round-up of some of the best Bible study tools available on Amazon. Please note: this post does contain affiliate links. I earn a small percentage when you use my links to purchase any of these products. Thank you so much for your support!

The Best Bible Study Tools on Amazon

1. Leather Bible Tabs

When you study scripture, it’s a lot easier to flip between books when you add tabs to your Bible. 

These gorgeous Bible tabs are leather (and pink!) with gold foil lettering. They are priced around $30 and are also available in white or black – perfect for the dudes in your life!

2. Bible Highlighters

How gorgeous are these Bible highlighters?! The boho color palette is subdued but still works well to help you highlight different key verses in your Bible.

These DiverseBee dry highlighters are specifically formulated for Bible pages, which means they won’t bleed through the thin pages. And they’re affordable – only $10 for 8 highlighters.

*NOTE: These are more like crayons than markers. They can be sharpened and go on dry. Very cool!

Want something more like a marker? I love these Zebra Mildliners – they are what I use in my own Bible. This color palette is similar to the dry highlighters above but are actual markers. 

They won’t bleed through your Bible pages, either!

3. Sticky Notes

Here’s another great Bible study tool from DiverseBee! These sticky notes are in that warm boho color palette, just like the dry highlighters.

Cool feature: they’re transparent! You can write your notes on them, stick them in your Bible, and still see through them to reference the scripture underneath. 

This set of sticky notes comes with various sizes of sticky notes including 3″ square, smaller rectangle, and narrow tabs.

4. Micron Pens

If you like to write directly in your Bible like I do, you need good ink pens that won’t smear or bleed.

I have been using these Micron pens for years, and love them! They are medium point, but you can also get them in fine point. This set comes with 8 colors so you can use different colors for different aspects of study. 

5. Women of the Word

If you need help learning how to have a deeper Bible study, this is the book you need. It transformed my Bible study time significantly.

“Women of the Word” by Jen Wilkin will walk you through the right questions to ask, and a method to help you study using both Biblical and cultural context. You’ll keep this one handy each time you study.

6. Bible Timeline Insert

This Bible Time Lines and Overview Bible Insert is another handy tool you’ll keep close while you study scripture. It’s slim enough to fit neatly into your Bible, and you’ll reference it often.

Easily cross-reference Bible history with world history, see all of the kings of Israel and Judah, and the life of Jesus.

7. Bible Cover with Handles

All of these Bible study tools need a home, and this beautiful Bible cover is perfect for that!

This cute Bible cover has handles, making it easy to carry, and plenty of pockets for your pens and highlighters, sticky notes, and more.

BONUS: She Reads Truth Bible

I always get asked about what Bible I use, and while I do have several, my go-to Bible is this one – She Reads Truth CSB Bible.

I love the amount of space in the margins so I can write tons of notes. I also enjoy the short devotionals scattered throughout the pages, and the introduction to each book of the Bible providing context.

There you have it – the best Bible study tools on Amazon. If you have questions about any of these products, or want more suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help! Enjoy your quiet time!

boho bible study tools on amazon


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