Boho Vintage Grunge Chic Bedroom Plans – Yes It’s a Thing

The next major project in our home is the long-awaited makeover of my (almost) teenage daughter’s bedroom!  Hooray!  WOO-HOO!  I can almost hear her squeal with excitement as I type this.  Marley is an original.  She’s as unique and spectacular as they come, and deserves a bedroom that matches her spirit.  If we could give her style a name, I think it might be “Boho Vintage Grunge Chic”.  Yes, they all go together, and we’ll prove it!

I’ve been promising Marley a room makeover since forever and one thing after another has derailed the plans. But I think that’s good, in retrospect, because we’ve changed our minds and added things and taken things away while we waited, and now I think we’re really onto something!  To give you an idea of what Marley and I are planning, I wanted to share the Boho Vintage Grunge Chic Bedroom Plans.  Behold!

Boho Bedroom Plans  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceNow that Marley is (almost) a teenager, she has this lovely thing called “her opinion”.  {Hey moms of teens, aren’t those fun?!}  Oh, and by the way, I’ll keep adding that (almost) to the teen part until I absolutely have to call her a teen on her birthday.  I’m in denial.

Bedroom plans, yes, let’s move along…

For this makeover, I really had to let go of a lot of the control of this project to truly give Marley her own space.  I really want it to be epically Marley.  I mean, the kid’s name came from Bob Marley for crying out loud – she’s cool, ok?  So let’s start with Marley’s personal style, shall we?

Marley3She’s into grunge rock – think: Green Day, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers…you know, that stuff we listened to “back in the day”?  Her iPod is full of what I used to cruise around in my Geo Storm hatchback listening to with my friends in high school.  The circle of life, folks.  It’s real.

MarleyShe loves plaid flannel shirts and band shirts and black skinny jeans and Vans…oh, and her brand spankin’ new floral Doc Martin boots.

But she also loves glittery things, unicorns, and makeup.  She’s her own juxtaposition.

Marley2Stunning, isn’t she?  Man I love this kid…

Ok, I’ll move on, sorry.  This momma’s heart hurts when I think about how quickly she’s grown into a young woman.

So, when we started brainstorming for her bedroom makeover, we knew it would need a MASSIVE overhaul.  Right now, this is what we’re working with:

Marley4Horses, and polka dots, and stuffed animals everywhere….so not Marley’s taste now.  Maybe 2 1/2 years ago when we moved in, but the style of a 10 year old is drastically different than that of an (almost) teenager!  Time for a change!

The first thought Marley had was “boho”…and here’s what she loves:



Ok, now we’re getting somewhere…

I showed her my color wheel and she went straight to the purples – the dark purples.  “No pink mom!”

But the girl loves gold!

And she needs storage in a massive way.  So here’s the game plan:

Boho Bedroom Plans  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceWe’ve already taken her bed apart and put her mattress & box springs on the floor, which she loves.  We’ll be taking out all the cheap storage crap that’s been carted in from other areas of the house, and taking down the horse picture, removing the polka dot bedding, and other little girl-ish items.

Oh, and that wall behind her bed?  Dark purple accent wall.  The 2 adjacent walls will be bright white.

Boho Bedroom Plans  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceThat desk is gone already, and there’s an old seen-its-better-days vanity in it’s place that will get a paint job.  The same dark purple as the accent wall opposite it – yup.  Groovy  baby.

Above the chair rail we’re painting a black chalk wall, and bright white below.  That dark purple vanity will really POP against that bright white wall.

Boho Bedroom Plans  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceThis whole closet is getting redone, too.  The door is coming off, to be replaced with a rockin’ boho curtain, or a macrame wall hanging, or something funky.  The inside…oh baby!

Check this out:

gold striped wall{Source}

Gold freakin’ STRIPES!  We’re doing it inside the closet, with other gold touches throughout the room.  And I’ll be adding better shelving and hanging space for her clothes & shoes in there, too.  Basically making it functional, because right now it just sucks.

*Sidenote to my mom, who has been shopping for stuff for Marley’s room:  Yes, we have changed our minds about the closet.  We don’t need an armoire any longer – clothes are staying in the closet now.)  🙂

We’ll do some creative shelving around the room, a bookcase or two – the kid loves to read! – and who knows what else.

Oh, twinkle lights!  Can’t forget those!  Kinda like this:

Boho Bedroom Plans  |  Sweet Tea & Saving Grace{Source}

Can you see it?  Our crazy dark purple, chalk, gold stripey, grunge, boho, vintage chic bedroom a la (almost) teenage Marley room?

I can, and it’s gonna be epic!

Be sure to stick around because I’ll be sharing the progress on Instagram & Facebook, and all the finished goodness right here on the blog.  Yeehaw!

7 Responses

  1. I love it! It will look great! Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    PS. I can’t believe Marley is almost a teenager 🙁

  2. I know – I’m in denial, for real. 🙁 I’m so excited to get this project going for her, though – it’s gonna be awesome! On a side note, I’ve had you on my heart a lot lately. Glad you popped over this morning. Hope you and your kiddos are doing awesome!!

  3. Go Marley! Forget teens bedroom – I want MY bedroom to look like that. Can’t wait to see the finished project. xx

  4. Why can’t MY mom be like you? I want a grungy boho room and I keep pitching ideas to my mom but she says it’s too hard doing a room makeover and my parents are just so boring about interior stuff…

  5. Is there a final post about the bedroom? I don’t know how to find your post where you do the final reveal!


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