Christmas Gift Guide for Teens

Welcome back to 12 Days of Sweet Tea Christmas! I’m a mom to a (very silly and amazing) teenage daughter, and sometimes, she can be downright impossible to shop for! So this year, she made an epic and very details list to help me out, and I thought it would be fun to have my teen help you shop for your teen!

What do you get the teen for Christmas who is impossible to shop for? Here's a real-life teen gift guide put together by a teenager! Part of 12 Days of Sweet Tea Christmas!

I’m very happy to have my 13-year old daughter Marley joining me today to share a Christmas Gift Guide for Teens! We made a video for you, too – Merry Christmas!

*A word of caution: We find ourselves highly amusing, and this video is by no means movie quality. But it sure was fun!

**One more word: You can find links to most of the items mentioned in the list below the video.  Ok…I’ll leave you alone now.

Christmas Gift Guide for Teens

$100 + over


Under $50

Stocking Stuffers

Find Marley on YouTube HERE.

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  1. So cute gifts! It’s the easy-making and meaningful presents for our friends and relatives in special days like Christmas. I really like the handmade things as the cute pictures above and also have a plan to make it myself.


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