Coat Closet Reveal

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It’s time for the big reveal!  My husband and I have been working hard on our Coat Closet Makeover and it’s finally done!  WOO HOO!!!
Before I give you the grand tour, let me refresh your memory of the nasty mess we were living with before the makeover.
We had a mix of coats, keepsakes, craft supplies, and random items thrown in there with no rhyme or reason.  I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I came up with a plan and my awesome hubby got to work building what I wanted.  Once he finished building, it was my turn to organize.  That’s my favorite part!
We now have an organized and beautiful closet that has room for everything we need!  Let me show you around:

On the left, we have hooks lining the wall to hang coats, and a Mini Utility Bin on the shelf to hold scarves, gloves, and other cold weather accessories.  Below the shelf is another set of hooks where I now hang my Organizing Pack that holds my camera gear and my Cindy Tote, which I take to work everyday.  The plastic bin on the floor holds all of our reusable grocery bags.

Now let’s check out the right side:

The very top shelf that goes all the way across the closet houses seasonal craft supplies.  The top shelf on the right side now holds all of our family photo albums, which were previously in a big cardboard box on the floor of this same closet.  It’s so nice to have them out where we can look through them any time we want.

The middle shelf houses all of our games.  These were in boxes in the basement.  Now they are at our fingertips, so we can use them more often!  As a matter of fact, just this past Sunday night, we had a family game night because Marley was so excited to have her games back!

The bottom shelf and the floor space below house cleaning supplies and dog items.  I’m using an Organizing Utility Tote for all of my cleaning supplies.  I can grab and go to clean the whole house, then replace the bag in the closet when I’m finished.  The Medium Utility Bin on the floor holds all of the dog towels, flea spray, leashes and brushes.

This is such a huge improvement!  I open the door every time I walk by now, even if I don’t need anything out of the closet, just so I can admire the space.  It makes me happy!
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{The organizing containers and bags mentioned in this makeover are all from Thirty-One.  You can view the full catalog HERE.}

12 Responses

  1. Oooh, love the hooks in there!! It looks great. It took me like 8 days to tidy up my bedroom closet, LOL. Amazing that such a small space can take so much work… but afterward, it’s SO worth it!!

  2. Wow, what an amazing transformation!! I especially love that you have easy access to your lint rollers! I’ve got two long-haired dogs and am forever searching for a lint roller right before I go out the door.

    I can also totally relate to your before picture with all the ribbon hanging everywhere. My craft closet looks like that right now! Maybe I’ll get to it someday…

    Found you via the Him & Her “Tell Me Tuesday” linky party and am following you now via FeedBurner. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kirsten, newest follower here. Thanks for linking up with me too. I am loving lots of your organization posts. My coat closet looks a lot like your “before” shot. Time for me to get to work. 🙂

  4. Thanks Laura! Yes, those lint rollers get used a LOT – we have 2 black labs who shed like crazy 🙂

  5. Nice do-over…that must feel good to have that done and organized. I’ll catch up to you on another link up party, cheers, Lisa


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