Craft Room Organization

My family & I are currently living in a rental home, but I had to have some craft space!  Short of painting the walls an awesome color, I set up shop & got organized!
Craft Room Organization In A RentalI wanted to share with you a few things that I did – hopefully this will inspire you to organize your space!  Enjoy!
So, Friday night when I got home from work, this is what my craft room looked like:

Not pretty, I know.  I had 8 bazillion projects going at once…  So my goal was to find a method to the madness and create order from chaos.
I made a plan:
I knew I wasn’t going to buy any pieces, just use what I already had.  But I needed a more efficient workspace, what with the new Etsy biz and all (YAY!  Gertrude & Matilda’s!).  *Ahem*  ‘Scuse me.  Back to the craft room…
After some cleaning and throwing out (HUGE bag of trash and recyclables…), this is what my lovely craft room now looks like!
Ahhhh….refreshing.  So much space now!  LOVE!
Everything is right at my fingertips – organization = efficiency.  🙂
Those little bins hold my current projects – close enough to grab and work on, but out of sight to keep it clean!
And I finally have a space for my Project Life books.  They were stacked on top of one another, and moved from place to place to get them out of my way.  They were getting beat up, so I love having everything right here together and protected.
My little owl friend there came from TJ Maxx and I adore him!  He holds my little odds & ends that will eventually end up in my Project Life album.  Cute, right?  Yea…I know.
I also tackled a couple other…ummm…issues that I was having.  I’m into scrapbooking but I don’t have a TON of supplies.  But what I did have was a big ol’ mess.  I needed a way to keep up with my miscellaneous supplies.
Problem areas:
1 – stickers
2 – ribbon
3 – scrap paper
The ribbon is even more of an issue now, since I have my Etsy shop (YAY!  Gertrude & Matilda’s!).  Ok, I’ll stop…sorry.  But seriously, I’ll be buying truck loads of ribbon, and I needed some way to keep it orderly.  But let’s start with Item #1 – Stickers:
I had all my stickers in a Ziploc bag.  Ok, I guess…but I had to take them all out to find stuff, and it was a pain in the rear.
So I laid them all out and organized them by type or holiday.
Then I cut them down to a managable size, put each type or holiday in its own 8.5″x11″ page protector, and put all of it in a big 3″ 3-ring binder (that I can decorate later).
I also clipped a little Ziploc to the inside back cover to contain all of my little chipboard pieces, tags, and other randomness:
Easy, right?
But wait, there’s MORE!  🙂  HA!
Well, there is, but I’ll get to it tomorrow.  Gotta keep you coming back for something, right?!?!  Tomorrow I’ll show you what I did with my ribbon and scrap paper.  I gotta go work on more Etsy inventory for now (YAY!  Gertrude & Matilda’s!).  Last time, I promise!
If you promise to check out my Etsy store, I promise I’ll quit bringing it up.  Actually, no, I can’t promise that.  I’m excited.  But still, check it out – tell your friends – spread the word.  It sounds cooler when you just say to someone – “YAY!  Gertrude & Matilda’s!”  HAHA!!
Have a great day!  See you tomorrow!
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