Crafting It Forward for Christmas

Some of you might not know, but a few months ago, I began offering my services to other bloggers as a virtual assistant, and it’s been amazing to see new clients coming out of the woodwork needing my help!  I’ve connected with some amazing bloggers and made new friends in the process.  Today, this post has a two-fold purpose:  (1) to show you how to craft it forward this Christmas and (2) to thank my awesome clients for giving me the opportunity to craft it forward.

Crafting It Forward  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceThere’s a local radio station here in Atlanta called The Fish, a Christian station that I listen to regularly.  Each year, they offer The Fish Christmas Wish, which gives people the opportunity to nominate deserving friends and family and gives other people a chance to fulfill their Christmas wishes.  Some of these are big wishes, like automotive repairs, home maintenance, etc.  Others aren’t so big, but are desires of the heart from those less fortunate.

Every year, I’ve listened and wanted to help, but every year, financially, I just wasn’t able to make it happen…

…until this year.

I’ve put aside money that I’ve earned from my virtual assistance services and adopted a family this Christmas, and I’m so excited to be able to give back!  My daughter and I visited Chick-Fil-A one morning where The Fish morning crew was broadcasting from and we selected a Christmas Wish from a book of hundreds.  We were connected with a family whose only wish this year was to give their 2 daughters a good Christmas.

This wish touched my heart.  This sweet momma nominated her girls.  All she wants is for them to have a few gifts under the tree this year.  You see, this momma is pregnant with her third child, and had to quit her job to go on bedrest because of blood pressure issues.  Now on one income, the husband is working like crazy just to make ends meet and there’s nothing left at the end of a paycheck.

I emailed Momma (that’s what we’ll call her for privacy reasons, ok?) and let her know that her Christmas Wish was being granted, and asked for her to share more details about her daughters and their needs as a family.  I have to say, I think we’re kindred spirits, y’all!  The girls love arts & crafts – YES!  One of them loves unicorns and the other loves owls!  Now if y’all know me at all, you know that I have an obsession with owls, and I refer to my tight-knit group of bloggy besties as my sparkly unicorns.  This was a Christmas match made in heaven!

I decided to put together two arts & crafts boxes for the girls, along with some other gifts they might enjoy.

Crafting It Forward  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceI’ll be dressing up the boxes and adding their names using my Silhouette machine.  I’ve also got a few other gifts that will be wrapped separately.

Crafting It Forward  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceThe girls like jewelry, so I thought it would be fun to give them a few supplies to make their own.  I put two different kinds of beads in clear ornaments, and I plan to attach them to the top of each girl’s craft box.

I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to be able to help out a sweet family in need this year.  Marley already asked if we could do more next year!

THANK YOU to my awesome virtual assistance clients for you business, as you are the reason this was possible.  If you have a moment, I’d love for you to visit the blogs of these wonderful women, both past and current clients.  They are super sweet and wonderful and I’m so grateful to know each and every one of them!

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To see The Fish Christmas Wish in action, check out this video (with a surprise guest Santa!):

How are you crafting it forward this year?


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