DIY Anniversary Book

My 4-year wedding anniversary was yesterday!  🙂  We had a fantastic evening together.  Mark took me to dinner at North River Tavern, where we had our very first date just over 6 years ago.  We even sat in the same booth!  So cute 😉
Along with our gifts to one another, I made him an anniversary book documenting the last 4 years together.  Check it out:
I gathered all my goodies, including 4 photos – one from our wedding day, and one from each anniversary so far.
I cut my two-sided paper to 7×7 squares, then went to town decorating and embellishing each one.
On each page, I wrote a quote having something to do with marriage in general, or something special to us.  For example, next to our wedding day photo, I wrote a quote from the Book of Ruth in the Bible: “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay…” Ruth 1: 16-17.  I used a couple sets of lyrics from two of our favorite songs, too.
On the last page, I wrote a little note to Mark letting him know how amazing he is…because he is!  🙂
He loved his book, and I love my hubby!
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  1. Hi there Kristen, it’s really a nice idea to gift someone the memories that you have shared together and a reason why you have each other’s side. I really love this, and the DIY anniversary book also looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.



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