DIY Apple Back-to-School Cuff Bracelet

I am really excited to be sharing the spotlight today with #myfavoritebloggers.  You see, this lovely group of ladies I’m about to introduce you to are my best bloggy friends, and they are all incredibly talented and fabulous.  We decided to team up once a month and share a craft or recipe related to a theme, and I am delighted to bring our first project to you today!
Our August theme is “Apples”, and each of us took that theme and ran with it in our own unique way. Before I share my craft and tutorial with you, though, I want to introduce you to my friends:
They are, from left to right, top down:
Lil Ol’ Me, Kirsten here at One Tough Mother; Sky from Creative Captial B; Marilyn from 4 You with Love; Tara from Suburble; Bethany from Pitter and Glink; Melanie from It Happens in a Blink; Kara from Petal to Picots; ChiWei from One Dog Woof; Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me; Kadie from 7 Alive; Nancy from Small Things with Love; and Amy from One Artsy Mama.
After you check out my Apple-themed craft, I hope you’ll stop by and visit each of their blogs to see what kind of apple-awesomeness they made this month!
Ready?  Since I’ve been talking about back-to-school all week, I thought it would be fun to create a cute Apple Back-To-School Cuff Bracelet to send your kiddos to school in style!



  • Foam sheets
  • Adhesive bling (gemstones)
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
The great thing about this particular craft is, you can design your cuff bracelets in any way you like!  Use any color foam, any color bling, any color ribbon…really, the possibilities are endless!  So let’s get creative:

I decided to make one Apple Cuff for back-to-school and one cuff that my daughter Marley can wear anytime.  I used red and black foam sheets, and bling in red, silver, and pink.  I also grabbed some holly berry gemstones as well, in order to make a leaf on my apple stem.

First, measure your child’s wrist.  You will need to cut your foam sheet to that meausrement minus about an inch, to allow room for the ribbon.  Once you cut the length, the width should be about 2″.
Next, round the edges of your cuff.  For the apple shape, I simply found a basic apple shape online and printed it out.  I cut out the apple shape and used it as a template for my cuff.
Grab your bling and begin designing!  This is the fun part!  I simply adhered the red gemstones around the outside edge of my apple shape with the exception of the stem.
I used silver gemstones for the stem and to create the “A+”.  I used one of the holly berry leaves for the leaf on my apple stem.
Once your design is complete, fold your bracelet in half loosely and punch three holes along the edges.  You will lace your ribbon through these holes, just like lacing a shoe lace.  After lacing with ribbon, put it on your child’s arm, tie a bow, and you’re done!

That’s it!  These little cuff bracelets would be great for any occasion, and I bet your child’s friends would even enjoy them as gifts!

Be sure to stop by and visit #myfavoritebloggers today to see what they made as well!

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  1. So cute, love all of the apple stuff – I just wish it didn’t remind me that fall is lurking just around the corner! Actually I love fall, I just don’t love what comes after fall as I practically live in the arctic.


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