DIY Book Page Ornament {with bling!}

Welcome to a week-long Christmas Ornament Extravaganza!!  I love handmade anything…really.  But at Christmas, it’s all about the ornaments!  I recently participated in two different Handmade Ornament Exchanges and was inspired to share not only my own creations, but the lovely and wonderful creations of three other super cool bloggy friends of mine!

This week, you’ll get to see five different ornament tutorials that are sure to get those creative juices flowing, so let’s get right to it!

Isn’t this Blingy Book Page Ornament gorgeous!  I can say that, because I made it…even if I am a bit partial.  Honestly, I had a really hard time letting this one go.  I am in love with how it turned out.  Lisa at Letters & Lace was the lucky recipient of this fabulous-ness.  She mentioned that she likes “funky” and “vintage/antique-y” so I tried to focus on those aspects.

I started with book pages.  Any old book will do.  After a little trial and error, I finally came up with a flower template that I was happy with, so I used that to cut out 6 flowers from the book pages.

After you get your book page flowers cut out, arrange them in a stack, but make it kind of messy.  Then staple the center in an “X”.

Starting with the top flower, scrunch each one inward – do it delicately, but make it messy.  The messier, the better.

Using a scalloped circle punch, punch out two circles from white cardstock.  Set one aside for the end.

Gather some baubles, pretty beads, jingle bells, or whatever you’d like to add.  Also grab some pretty satin ribbon.

Tie your pretty baubles in the center of your satin ribbon…

…then staple the ends of the ribbon to one of the scalloped circles that you punched out.  Also attach a piece of satin ribbon to the top of the scalloped circle in a loop, in order to hang your ornament after you’re finished.  Staple all of that to your flower.

Using the extra scalloped circle, glue it over the staple mess to hide all the staples.  You’re done!

Pretty, pretty!!

Here’s another variation that I made:

By the way, this is the super cute owl ornament that Lisa made for me!  Check out her post here – it’s awesome!


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  1. Love the book page blingy ornament!! So easy yet so pretty. Great addition to the tree!! Thanks so much 🙂


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