DIY Box of Sunshine

Sometimes you have those friends in your life who can use some encouragement.  And sometimes a card or a phone call just doesn’t seem to be enough.  I have a very dear friend who has a very full plate right now, but she handles everything that is thrown at her with such grace, and her faith has never wavered.  She truly inspires me to be a better person, and I love her dearly.
When I wanted to send something to her to remind her how amazing she is, I knew exactly what to put together for her.
My friend is bright and cheery, and fills a room with joy everywhere she goes.  A Box of Sunshine was the perfect gift to send!
To put it together, I wanted everything to be yellow and orange, like sunshine!
I went to Target and found the following items for her Box of Sunshine:
  • Raisinets (yellow box)
  • Charleston Chews (again, yellow box)
  • Cute orange notepad
  • Daisy growing kit
  • Burt’s Bees lip balm
  • Flip-flop stickers

I also had the women in our Bible study group each write our friend a sweet letter using orange and yellow stationary.  Since our friend has been away from home for several weeks taking care of her mother, she’s missed our Thursday night Bible studies…and we miss her terribly!

For my own letter to my friend, I decided to write on a piece of white cardstock and decorate a yellow bag that I had on hand.
I gathered my washi tape in bright oranges and yellow, my cutting mat and rotary cutter, and went to town cutting strips of washi tape to make a sunshine on the yellow bag.
Once I had everything together, I cut a shoebox down to size and stuffed it with orange tissue paper.
I tied all of the letters from our friends together with yellow baker’s twine and decorated a little kraft tag that says “For You!”, folded it all up, and topped it with my card.
In a couple days, my amazing friend will check her mail and have a Box of Sunshine waiting for her!  I know she’ll be so excited to read all of the notes from her friends.
Who do you know that could use a Box of Sunshine?

11 Responses

  1. This is so sweet, a little sunshine brightens everyone’s day. It just reminds me I should take more time on presentation. I didn’t even wrap my husband’s birthday gift this year, but a little attention sure makes a difference!

  2. Kirsten, YOU are like sunshine, girl! You just shine love and joy into the lives of your friends. The lucky recipient of this sweet gift is so blessed to have you in her life. What a thoughtful and wonderful idea. No wonder I keep telling you how AWESOME you are. It’s true!

  3. Thanks Adrianne! Packaging is my favorite part, honestly 🙂 I don’t typically spend a lot on gifts, but do put a lot of thought into them, so I love for the packaging to be as beautiful as the thought that went into the gift. You should see me at Christmas! Hours and hours of wrapping 🙂

  4. Amy, thank you so much sweet woman! That means so much! I’m blessed to have YOU, and cannot wait til September! 🙂

  5. I used to be that way, but the hours and hours started feeling like a lot. I should stop thinking of it that way – after all, the thought and effort you put into a gift counts just as much as the gift itself.

  6. This is so bright and cheery-I know your friend’s gonna love it!! You are so talented!! i, too, love the washi sunshine-super, super cute!


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