DIY Burlap Christmas Tree

Hi friends!  Thanks for coming back today for another fun and beautiful Christmas tree project!  Yesterday I showed you how to create a Ruffle Christmas Tree.  Today we will be creating a Burlap Christmas Tree with grosgrain ribbon bow on top.  They look beautiful paired together on my mantle, and I’m sure you’ll love them, too!  (I shared this tutorial on One Artsy Mama a couple of weeks ago, but in case you missed it, I thought I would share it here, too!)  By the way, today is also our monthly #myfavoritebloggers day, so be sure to scroll down and visit each of the awesome projects for this month’s theme, “Winter”.

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree
I love the navy grosgrain ribbon paired with the burlap, and this little tree is so simple to make, so let’s get started!

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree
You will need:

  • Burlap fabric
  • Styrofoam cone (the one pictured is about 8″)
  • Straight pins
  • Ribbon for the topping

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree
Cut your burlap into small pieces.  They don’t have to be perfect at all – the imperfections actually add a lot of character to this tree.  Use straight pins to pin the burlap around the cone.  (Tip:  Overlap a bit with each burlap piece, then pin in place.  The pins hold better when there is more fabric to go through, since there are a lot of holes in burlap fabric.)

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree
Continue overlapping and pinning all the way around.  I staggered my pieces as I started each new layer, and made sure to cover the pins as best as I could.

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree
Pin burlap pieces all the way to the top.  Almost done!

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree
Cut a circle from the burlap and pin to the top to hide the foam.  Then tie a bow in grosgrain ribbon and pin in place.  Voila!

DIY Ruffle Christmas Tree and Burlap Christmas Tree
What a lovely and festive pair!  Here they are on my mantle with my Nativity Advent Candle Box:

Nativity Advent Candle Box
Do you make new decorations every year or use classic and traditional pieces year after year?

Now join my bloggy friends to see what they made!


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  1. Hey, it’s just like the wood shakes on our house, even the fact that the uneven-ness adds character 🙂 Beautiful trees Kirsten!


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