DIY Change of Address Cards

So, for those of you who may not know (because you aren’t a fan on Facebook – it’s all I’ve talked about lately, gosh!), the fam and I are in the process of moving.  We closed on our new house yesterday and we’ll be moving in all weekend.  YAY!
To let our friends and family know our new address, I made these cute little cards.  Thanks to Google maps and Pick Your Plum (address stamp), they are cute and functional!  SCORE!!
I went to Google maps and mapped directions from our current house to our new house.  I knew I’d be using only a small part of the printed map for my cards so I zoomed out and printed several copies.
I had the cardstock cards – they were sold in a huge set in Target.  I got the stamp from Pick Your Plum a few weeks ago – so excited for the timing on that little dealio!
I trimmed to map so I would have about  1/2″ all around it when I glued it to the cardstock.
I centered each map on the cardstock and glued them all down.  This is what that looks like.
I cut a whole bunch of scalloped circles.
I used my sassy little stamp to stamp the address on each scalloped circle.
Then I glued each circle to the map.  Easy peasy!
Almost done…
I used clear labels to type up “We’re Moving!!!”, then sliced and diced them into strips.
I slapped those little strips onto each card, and voila!  All done!
I used my handy little stamp on the outside of the envelopes, too, of course.  🙂
Now I have to go pack!  See you when I’m moved in!!!!

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