DIY Earth Day Bird Feeder

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd.  Marley and I decided to make a bird feeder out of repurposed materials to celebrate!
Here’s what we did:
Dakota was begging to chew on the bottle 🙂
We pulled out an empty 2-liter bottle from the recycle bin and cleaned it out, then gathered our paints.
I let Marley do the painting, and it came out beautifully.
The only purchase I made for this project was the bird seed.  We used wooden spoons we had on hand.
First I cut holes to put the spoon through at an angle so the seed spills out into the spoon.  I tried a wooden skewer, too, but opted to add the second spoon instead.
Finally, after both spoons were inserted correctly, all we had left to do was hang it in our tree and wait for little birdies!
For more Earth Day craft ideas, be sure to stop by my Christmas Inspiration board for a little “Pin-spiration”!
Happy {early} Earth Day!

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