DIY Happy Halloween Banner

We’re gearing up for our 3rd Annual Thompson Family BYOP Party in a couple weeks (that’s Bring Your Own Pumpkin), and I’m crafting like crazy!  As promised, I’ll be sharing everything “BYOP” with you!


Today, I want to show you the Happy Halloween banner that I made (with a little help from Marley).  So, enough with the chit-chat…on with the DIY!
I started with several Halloween-y pieces of cardstock:

I decided to make the main pieces of the banner in the shape of a basic tombstone, so I cut each piece of 12×12 cardstock down to 4×4 squares:
Marley’s protractor was the perfect size, so I used it to trace the curve at the top to give each square that “tombstone” shape, then started cutting.  (Marley was determined to get that little spider in as many pictures as possible.)
Here’s all of our pieces cut out (and the little spider, of course):
For the next layer, I used some of my scraps of paper to cut rectangles to add to each piece, and I rounded the edges of the rectangles:
The final layer was made using the same card stock as the tombstones cut into scalloped circles.  The letters will go on these circles:
I measured my circles, then created a Word document to print all of my letters.  This was a little tricky, but not too bad.  I inserted text boxes in the size I needed, then typed each character in its own text box.  Since some of my circles were black, I needed some of my letters to print in white.  The gray background allowed me to see the letter so I could cut it out.  The ghost, owl, and pumpkin are designs to be used at the beginning, middle, and end of my banner:
I cut out each letter and picture very carefully and placed it on its own circle:
I used twine to connect it all together.  I punched two holes in each piece, then fed a loop of twine through each hole and tied it in a knot:
I hung it so I could add some “flair” a little easier.  To dress it up a bit, I added pieces of Halloween ribbon and black and purple tulle:
And there you have it!  My very own Happy Halloween banner!
This was really simple, and fun, too!  Keep checking back for more Halloween ideas.  I have two weeks left until our BYOP Party, so I’ll be sharing game ideas, craft ideas, more decorations, goodie bags, and, of course, food!  If you missed the invitations, you can check out that post here.
See you tomorrow!


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