DIY Pencil Toppers – SO CUTE!

Yesterday afternoon, Marley and I decided to get crafty.  We pulled out the foam sheets, googly eyes, and glue dots, and created some really cute pencil toppers.  It’s so easy, I think a child any age can do this with a little help from mom (or dad)!
Check it out:
Here’s what we did:
We got all of our supplies out – and we had no real direction, so we pulled everything out that we thought we might use.  We ended up using only a few things:
– Foam sheets
– Googly eyes
– Markers
– Glue dots
– Hole puncher
– And in Marley’s case, pipe cleaners
First we traced circles on the foam sheets – 2 for each pencil topper.

Cut them out:

I made a ladybug first, so I cut out a piece for the head:

And of course, she needs dots:

And voila!  A cute little ladybug to adorn your pencil 🙂

Marley and I each made a few little critters:
(It’s supposed to be a black lab, like our dogs, but my dog looks a little like a pig!)
These were so easy – we spent about 30-45 minutes and ended up with 5 new friends to help Marley with her homework.  I made a ladybug, black lab, and flower, and Marley made a really cool lion and peacock!  She’s so creative!  🙂
Have a Happy Friday!  See you this weekend!

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