DIY Santa’s Belt Ornament {Guest Post by The CSI Project}

We’re back for another day of DIY Christmas Ornament Week!  I’m very happy to have Dee from The CSI Project visiting today!  She’s got a super cool blog and she’s very crafty, so I know you’ll love her creation!  Check it out!

Hi One Tough Mother Readers! I just adore this blog and Kirsten, so thank you so much for having me today.

My name is Dee and my blog home is The CSI Project!
My mission is to encourage you to Create.Share.Inspire so every week we do just that on the blog. Each week is a new challenge from crafting, to DIY, to cooking and even photography. Come by everyday for a great tutorial and then you can link up and take part in the challenge. Who knows you may take home the top pick or be in the Top 10!
I love this time of year. From decorating my home, to baking and Christmas parties, I love it all! Mr. CSI(my husband), tells me that I should have been an elf because I live for holidays and traditions. Maybe so but I think it makes life fun and creates memories. I am all about creating memories.
Each year we make homemade salt dough ornaments as a family but I also can’t resist making other ornaments too. This one I made for an ornament exchange with my friends. This is also a tradition that I love. The ornament must be homemade so I got to work. I had this idea pop into my head to make Santa’s belt, so I went to the craft store for wood and faux fur. Then, I went to Home Depot for washers.
This is all the supplies you will need:
~ Craft wood
~ Faux white fur
~washers{whatever size you choose}
~ Red paint
~ Black paint
~ Hot glue gun
~ Ribbon
First step is to take the craft wood and paint it red.
This is the wood I used. I had to make 13 of these so this was a great buy for me. I bought 2 packages.
Now, add your white fur.
It is beginning to look like Santa. Paint your washers black and then just hot glue onto the fur. You will want this in the center.
To hang this on the tree, I simply added a black ribbon. Easy, right?
A very special thank you goes out to Kirsten for having me at One Tough Mother. You are always welcome at The CSI Project and of course, your readers too! Come link up, be inspired and more importantly inspire others!


Happy Holidays, my crafty friends!!!

From my family to yours!
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  1. Nice idea..I have read several ideas about creating and developing Christmas balls and other ornaments, but this was pretty unique…never thought of creating Santa’s belt.

    I personally like to collect personalized Christmas ornaments, and for that I found this site, with very cute and a wide thought of sharing if you wanted to go shopping this year. Cheers!!


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