DIY Spring Pinwheels & Quick Washi Decor

Marley and I got a little crafty recently.  We’re in the mood for Spring.  The weather has been warmer, time is changing this weekend so the days are getting longer….I’m so ready!
I wanted to add a little color to our home and this was a really easy way to do just that!  Check it out.
For the pinwheels, I grabbed my stash of double-sided scrapbook paper:
I found a very easy tutorial online at Apartment Therapy, so I made a couple of them.  I used a cute stick pin to attach them to pencil erasers, like this:
For added decoration, I used these really cute mini watering cans that I got for $1 each at The Dollar Tree:
Aren’t they cute?!  I pulled out my washi tape and let Marley go to town:
Once she finished decorating a couple of them, I cut a square of styrofoam and put it in the bottom of each watering can.
Then I just stuck the pencil down into the foam and voila!  Spring pinwheel decorations!
I think I’m going to throw some jelly beans in the can to cover the foam – it’ll be cute for Easter!
Happy Crafting!

The DIY Dreamer

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