DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

I love this time of year!  Kids are so excited because the end of the school year is near, which means summer break is right around the corner!  Sunshine, smiles, parties, pool time…I love it all!
And I love spoiling Marley’s teachers for all the hard work they do all year long.  Teachers are so under-appreciated!
Let me show you what we’re doing for her teachers this year.
We are getting her teachers ready for some beach or pool time!
Between Target, Dollar Tree, and Charming Charlie’s, I got everything I needed for 5 teacher gifts and still stayed on a budget.  (Yes, FIVE!)
Dollar Tree had some cute and colorful sunglasses – can’t beat it for a buck a piece.
I got mini-sunscreens for $0.88 at Target.
Also from Target, I got pencils and crossword puzzle books.
Target’s dollar bin had these great plastic buckets in bright colors.  I’m using these for her TAG (Talented And Gifted) teachers.
Charming Charlie’s, one of my favorite stores EVER, had these cute totes for $6.99!  These were perfect for her 2 main teachers.  I also got 2 beach towels at Wal-mart for $5.99 each.
I raided Marley’s candy stash to make little snack bags for each teacher, too.
Here are the cute little snack bags.  🙂
Here are the 2 big bags put together.
And the buckets!
I also have a yearly ritual.  Each year, I visit the homeroom class and boot out the teacher for a few minutes. We take a silly class picture and I have all the kids sign their names on the mat.  It turns out something like this:
Here’s a close-up of the group of goofballs Marley had in her 4th grade class this year:
LOVE this project!  And I love that I’ve done it each year since Kindergarten, so I have one of these for every year of elementary school so far.  🙂  Some of these kids knew exactly why I was there that day because they have participated in this project in prior years.  They were really excited to do it again!  And I know her homeroom teacher will really appreciate this – after all, this is more like the kids she sees everyday!  🙂
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