DIY "Vintage" Wooden Tray Makeover

Do you ever see something cool in a store on sale and think, “I could do something with that.”?  Well, this was one of those finds.  I was shopping in Marshall’s a couple months ago when I saw a pink wooden tray in the clearance section.  Pink isn’t my color, but I loved the wooden tray and knew I could give it new life!
Super cute, right?!  Let me show you what I did to create this masterpiece.
So, as I said, the “before” was pink.  I wasn’t digging the pink.  I wanted to create a “vintage” feel that coordinated with our home decor.  I found the navy scrapbook paper and planned the rest of my design around that.
For the base color, I chose Bittersweet Chocolate, and for the top coat, I chose Buttermilk.
First I measured and cut the scrapbook paper to fit inside the tray.
I painted two coats of Bittersweet Chocolate, followed by three coats of Buttermilk, then allowed the tray to dry completely overnight.
Using sandpaper, I lightly sanded the tray after the paint set overnight to create a vintage feel.
I sanded the entire tray until I achieved the look I wanted.
Using Mod Podge, I attached the scrapbook paper to the bottom of the tray, then sealed it with two more layers of Mod Podge.
I made a few flowers to add to the tray – one from burlap, and two from grosgrain ribbon.
Voila!  A vintage tray with flower accents!
Here it is in use on our entryway table.  We use it to hold my hubby’s wallet and things, as well as a notepad and mason jar full of pens.
I love it!  I think it’s one of my favorite makeovers to date!
What clearance item have you made over?
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17 Responses

  1. Wowza! Kirsten – this is great! Thank you so much for the distressing tutorial (with the layers of paint). I already know what I’m going to try this on!

  2. I LOVE it! I guess I shouldn’t have looked though, because I’m sure that’s your gift for me at BloggyCon, right? Why are you laughing? 😉


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