DIY Washi Table

Today I want to show you my favorite part of our Family Command Center – the Washi Table!  It’s a super-easy DIY, and it adds a nice pop of color to the space.
I found this table at Target.  It’s beautiful to start with, but I like color, so I wanted to tweak it a bit.
Start with various washi tapes.  I chose these colors because our Family Command Center is next to the living room, and the colors of my living room are navy blue, khaki, and red.  This color combination is a little bit bolder, but compliments the space nicely.


It’s a good idea to have an idea of how you want the finished prodcut to look before you get started.  I drew mine out on a piece of paper first, and stuck little pieces of the washi tape randomly on the page until I found a combination I liked.
Once you get your rough draft complete, start rolling out the washi!  Be sure to clean the surface before you begin, though, and make sure it’s nice and dry so the tape adheres.
Roll out your washi in a straight line, and allow some over-hang so you can trim it later.  If you need it, you may want to use a ruler of some other straight-edge to get your tape strips just right.
My table has a nice little space between the table top itself and the edge of the table.  I pulled out my rotary cutter, inserted it into the space and trimmed my washi.
I used my fingernail to push the ends of the tape down into the crease.  A butter knife of similar object would work just as well.
This is the longer part of the washi table.  Now it’s time to go the opposite direction.
I opted for a criss-cross pattern in one corner of my table as my final design.  Notice I used different tapes for the crossed strips.  In all, I used 7 different styles of washi tape.  To make the thicker lines, I simply laid down multiple strips of tape!
Awesome, right?  🙂

I added other accessories, including bins, to complete my table.  You could also dress it up with various table accessories, or use serving trays to change the function of the table (a home bar, perhaps?).
I’m thinking about doing this to my daughter’s desk…hmmm….wheels are turning in my head!  What else can I washi?
There you have it – the final piece to the family command center!  You’ve seen the Washi Table, Chalk Chore Charts, Message Board, and Inbox/Outbox Mail Station.  On Monday, I’ll show you how it all comes together to create a Family Command Center!
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