Easy Valentine’s Bags for Kids

I’ve got an easy Valentine craft for you today.  Each year, Marley’s class, like most elementary classes everywhere, exchange sweet Valentine’s.  Typically, she comes home on Valentine’s Day with a bookbag full of random Valentine’s cards and candy.

We got smart this year – we are giving a multi-purpose Valentine to her classmates!  We made cute little Valentine bags that we will give to each classmate.  We are going to add a small treat to each bag as well, but they will be able to carry home all of their love notes from their friends in a cute little Valentine bag!

It’s so easy – here’s what you need:

I bought everything at Michael’s:
– White shopping bags
– Pipe cleaners
– Googly eyes
– Foam heart shapes
– Felt hearts for arrow tips (not shown)
Marley decided to draw faces on half of the hearts, and for the other half, we made arrows through the heart like this:
Fold each heart bringing the bottom point up to one part of the heart and cut two small slits in the foam for the arrow to go through.
For the arrows, cut one pipe cleaner into fourths – you will only need 3 of those pieces for each arrow.
Take the three small pieces of pipe cleaner and twist around one end of the full length pipe cleaner.
After inserting the pipe cleaner through the foam heart, adhere the felt heart to the opposite end creating the point of the arrow.

We made 15 heart faces and 15 arrows through the heart.

We just affixed each heart to the white bags, and all we have left to do is put a sweet treat inside!

Marley and I made all 30 of these Valentine’s in less than an hour.  So easy, so quick and so cheap.

Have you made Valentine’s for your child’s class yet?  What are you making this year?

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  1. Hi, Kirsten
    I love this idea to make for my little girl’s classmate. I am going to try it out. Thanks girl, See you next week.


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