Favorite Things Party Recap

Yesterday, I threw my first-ever Favorite Things Party and had an absolute blast!  I’m excited to share the fabulousness with you!

I chose my colors – red & aqua.  {Go figure, right?!  Matches my blog!}  I used the same digital scrapbook elements that I used to design my blog to create a cute and colorful invitation:

Each guest picked a number out of a bowl to determine the order in which we would do our shopping.  Of course, the numbers themselves, and the shopping bags, had to be cute!

I found red and blue bags at Target and created two sets of numbers – one to attach to the bags, and one to pick from in the bowl.

After cutting each number, I punched a hole in one set of numbers and attached them to the bags.

I served finger-foods and kept it simple:

  •  Red & green M&M’s in pretty crystal glasses
  • Crackers & cheese dip
  • Crackers & hummus
  • Date balls {I’ll share this family favorite recipe with you soon!}
  • Sausage-cheese balls
  • Cookie bars and brownie cups
I kept the table decor simple, as well.  I used blue chargers found at Michael’s to dress up my paper plates and napkins.  A cute Christmas ribbon accented a glass that held the forks.  And for the wine glasses…
A simple little bow with a colorful jingle bell served as wine glass charms.  So cute!

I set up a gift table with a red tablecloth and placed the red & blue shopping bags underneath.

Now, let me show you some of the gifts!  After all, that’s what it was all about, right?!

Some of the guests brought three different favorite things, while others brought three of the same.  But we ended up with a lot to choose from!

Here’s how we “shopped”.  First, we each drew a number from a bowl.  Starting with the first person, we each stood in front of the group and described our own favorite things.

{Yes, I’m in a tank top.  It was seriously over 70 degrees here in Georgia…in December.  I had the windows open and fans going.  Couldn’t believe it!}

After hearing about all of the goodies, it was time to shop!  For our first selection, we went in order from number one.  For the second selection, we started in the middle and went in order.  And for the third and final selection, we started at the end and went in reverse order.  Everyone got a fair chance to shop!

Let me show you my goodies:

I got a Dipped Pretzel kit to make my own chocolate-covered pretzels, all of the dry ingredients and the recipe to make my mom’s amazing pound cake, and a set of bath goodies from Bath & Body Works!  Score!

Here we are with our loot!

This was so much fun!  We had a fabulous time together just being girls & shopping for some great gifts.  I will definitely be throwing another Favorite Things Party next year!

Have you ever had a Favorite Things Party?  What would you bring as your own Favorite Thing?


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  1. What a great party for a group of girlfriends. One of my favs would be flavored coffee!! I came over to thank you again for a fabulous time exchanging ornaments, you made my day with the charming vintage style gift.Thanks for checking in on the post! I will check back in next Monday for your DIY week.
    Can’t wait!! Lisa


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