Give the Gift of Crafting this Season

Raise your hand if you're struggling to find just the right gifts this year. (I'm right there with you, my friend.) I personally like to give gifts that will be useful, not just things that will take up space for a while then eventually get donated or thrown away. That's why I love the idea of giving the gift of craft kits! It teaches a skill, it's fun, and it could spark the beginning of a new hobby! Why not give the gift of crafting this season for someone on your list?

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Craft kits comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be found for anyone on your list, from kids to adults. And honestly, who doesn’t like a little crafty fun from time to time, right? Make Fun Craft Kits on Etsy offers really cute craft kits that come with everything you need, they’re affordable, and they’re giftable!

Make Fun Craft Kits on Etsy

Make Fun Craft Kits on Etsy has the cutest Christmas ornament craft kits available right now! They’re already packaged for shipping, so you can order them and have them sent to your recipient as a gift! 

They come with paints, paint brushes, and anything else you’ll need to complete each craft. 

This particular craft kit features three wood ornaments that allow you to paint each piece and glue them together, creating dimensional ornaments for your tree. Glue is included, too!

painted christmas ornaments craft kit make fun craft kits etsy

There are also beaded garland craft kits available, with several designs to choose from. The beaded garland craft kits come with an instruction sheet to help you assemble your garland, as well as wood beads, a tassel, twine, paint, paint brushes, skewers (for painting your beads), and the decorative piece of your choice.

Each wooden piece inside the Make Fun Craft Kits is made in-house by myself and my business partner Kelly! We absolutely love any excuse to get creative, and through the Make Fun Craft Kits, we get to spread our love of crafting with you!

Take a look at this little unboxing video to see exactly what’s in store for you with Make Fun Craft Kits!

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