Halloween Party Invitations How-To

We are planning our 3rd Annual BYOP Party – Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party, that is…  I’m really getting into the Halloween mode, especially since I made our invitations for this year’s party.  I wanted to share them with you – so easy and really cute!
First, I found this skeleton invitation template on Martha Stewart’s website.  That Martha…so clever.  Anyway, her template is in PDF format, so I quickly changed it to JPG so I could easily edit it on Picnik. (You can do this for free here.)
I used Picnik to do some quick editing.  First I erased the “Trick or Treat” text by adding a black box in it’s place.  Then I added my own invitation wording.
I cut them out – this is really the hardest part.  Very tedious…
I bought some cute black glittery brads at Michael’s, hole-punched the arms and legs, and added the brads.
There you have it!  A cute little skeleton invitation…
He folds up to fit into a standard #10 size envelope.
You can decorate your envelopes however you choose.  I used graphics that I downloaded for free from The Graphics Fairy and made labels.  Black envelopes would be great, too, but I couldn’t find any.
I’ll be showing you more Halloween fun-ness (yes, that’s a word…look it up) over the next few weeks as I get ready for my BYOP party.  For now, plan one of your own!  Here are a few tips:
  • Plan it at least 2 weeks prior to Halloween.  The whole purpose of the party is to carve pumpkins, so you want to have time to enjoy them.  Not too far in advance, though, because they can rot.
  • Include neighbors and friends so you have plenty of kids, and plenty of adults.  The adults are good helpers with the heavy pumpkin-lifting and hard carving.
  • Plan other activities, not just carving.  Consider a craft station, yummy Halloween food, and perhaps a contest of some kind.
More to come – keep checking back for tips and how-to’s!
See you tomorrow!

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