Are You A Hand Raiser?

My best friend Debbie will probably laugh at the name of this post.  (I’ll explain why later.)  We’re continuing with our Experiencing Joy series today with a few verses from the Old Testament, verses that will remind us to spread our joy to others by making it evident that joy is in us!

Are You A Hand Raiser?  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceIn the Old Testament book of Isaiah, the prophet Isaiah addresses the nations of Judah who are under turmoil at the time.  This part of the world was spiritually dark, and Isaiah had been called by the Lord to prophesy to them.  This particular passage from Chapter 9 is a prophesy to the people about the coming of Jesus.

Nevertheless, the gloom of the distressed land will not be like that of the former times when He humbled the land of Zebulum and the land of Naphtali.  But in the future He will bring honor to the Way of the Sea, to the land east of the Jordan, and to Galilee of the nations.  The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; a light has dawned on those living in the land of darkness.  You have enlarged the nation and increased its joy.  The people have rejoiced before You as they rejoice at harvest time and as they rejoice when dividing their spoils.   – Isaiah 9: 1-3

The coming of Christ will increase the joy of the nation!

How about our own joy?  Do we keep it to ourselves, or wear it as we wear our clothes, on the outside for the world to see?  Is your faith so bold that your joy is evident?

Are you a hand raiser?

Everyone worships differently, and, personally, I am not a hand raiser when I’m in church.  It’s just not my style.  My best friend Debbie, however, is the ultimate hand raiser and I love her for it.  She is truly unashamed of her faith and her worship.  It’s beautiful!

Despite the fact that I’m not, literally, a hand raiser, I do think my joy is evident.  I don’t hide my faith (which should be obvious at this point!), I’m not ashamed to stand up for my Christian values and beliefs, and I’m not afraid to share my joy and my faith was others.

Call to action:

Be a hand raiser!  Today, I’m asking you to wear your joy as if it’s the prettiest coat in your closet.  Let it be obvious that you are filled with His grace and mercy and you are joyful because of it.  Whether you raise your hands or not, just make it known!

I can’t talk about hand-raising without sharing this video with you.  Tim Hawkins is my favorite comedian, and it’s a bonus that he is a Christian comedian.  I’ve seen him live twice, and just adore his humor.  He did a bit about hand-raising in churches and it’s just too funny to keep to myself.


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  1. I’m not much of a literal hand raiser either, but what a great post and call to action! Thank you for continuing to share your joy.



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