Happy 4th of July {Wreath}!

After 2 1/2 weeks of moving, unpacking, decorating, cleaning….and other such nonsense, I was more than ready to dive in to a craft project for 4th of July.
We have a party coming up this weekend, and I wanted to make sure the house was decorated.  I wanted my guests to be greeted at our door with a festive wreath perfect for Independence Day festivities.
Here’s what I did:
{Ignore my ugly wall color.  I haven’t painted my craft room yet – k, thx!}
I used a 14″ floral foam wreath, some twine (compliments of LeBox Boutique!), and washi tape.
Some of my washi was gifted to me from LeBox Boutique, as well as the twine.
Ok, let’s get started:
I started off by tying off the twine around the wreath so it doesn’t slip while I wrap it.
Then, I wrapped…and wrapped…and wrapped some more!  I wrapped until I ran out of twine.  Occasionally, I inserted a pin to keep things lined up nice and straight.
Oh, and here’s a tip:  Use your fingernail to nudge the twine as you wrap to keep it nice and tight.  I would wrap the twine about 3 times, then cinch it up with my fingernails while pulling the end tight.
I used all of my twine, except for one little piece I reserved, which I’ll show you later.  Even if I had twine leftover, I would have stopped here.  Time to add some ribbon!
I used 3 yards of 1″ wide satin ribbon.  And yes, it took the entire 3 yards to wrap the rest of the wreath.  🙂
Overlapping and pinning as I went, I wrapped the wreath until it was completely covered.
Now, back to that piece of twine I reserved earlier.  I saved enough to stretch the width of the wreath along the top to make a bunting.
I used various washi tapes in red, white and blue to make my bunting.  I simply folded the tape over the twine, then cut the edges.  Finally, I pinned the bunting to the wreath at an angle along the top.
Cute, right?  Yep!  But I’m not done!
{You have to forgive me for the next part.  I didn’t photograph the steps for 2 reasons: (1) There are tons of great tutorials for DIY Pinwheels and (2) I wasn’t really sure if using the washi would work.  Forgive me!}
Ok, all I did was cut a piece of white cardstock to 5″ square.  I covered one side in red washi and the other in blue washi.  Then I followed these steps to make this super cute pinwheel.
I pushed a brad through from the back to hold the pinwheel together, then used my handy dandy hot glue gun to attach the red resin flower to the center, as well as attaching the pinwheel itself to the wreath.
And voila!  🙂
This is by far my most favorite wreath that I have ever made to date.  It just makes me happy to look at it!  🙂

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