House Updates…

We’ve been keeping busy around here!  The house is coming along.  I love the fact that we own this home, and we can take our time making it look exactly how we want.  But, I also hate that – because I’m not a very patient person.  And I want my house to instantly look like something straight out of Better Homes & Gardens or something.  🙂
But it doesn’t, and that’s OK.  For now, I’m embracing what we’ve done.
Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.
We’ve been working on the basement:
This room was a mess before.  Now it’s a gorgeous beachy space where we can entertain!
This is the media room in the basement, where we’ll watch every sport known to man.  🙂  It was an ugly dark brown color, so we painted it a nice beige.  Mark has his Michigan side, and I have my Georgia side.  Awesome!
We didn’t have to do too much to the bar – just hang our bar goodies.  🙂
We had a lot of work to do in the front yard as well.  A couple weekends ago, we tackled it.  Mark did the pressure-washing and my mom and I trimmed hedges and worked on the landscaping.  The bushes were overtaking the house.  It’s a huge improvement!
The decorating continues inside.  We have brand new living room furniture!  Our color scheme centers around the navy blue accent wall, and I’ve thrown some red accents in there.
I really wanted to use that Lake Michigan sign in our living room.  It was a gift from my husband’s aunt right after our engagement.  Mark proposed on the shores of Lake Michigan on October 12, 2007.  Mark’s aunt had the sign custom-made with our engagement date on it.  At the bottom, it says, “Memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.”  It’s one of my favorite decorative pieces in the whole house!
Our bedroom is coming along, too.  We have new furniture and bedding.
We got our king-size platform bed and nightstands at IKEA.
I love the bedding so much!  I searched everywhere, and finally found something in the simplest place – Target!  🙂
I got these 3 storage ottomans at Target, as well.  Can you believe they were only $17 each!?
Marley’s room looks cute, too.
She wants to decorate with horses.  I just bought an awesome picture of horses at Kirkland’s but it hasn’t made it’s way up yet.
Once all this was done, we felt like having a party!  🙂
It was the hottest day of the year – 106 degrees – so the Slip N Slide was perfect to keep the kids cool.
The boys sang a few tunes, and we ate like pigs – smoked ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans, mac & cheese….
We are seriously loving our new house.  The decorating and organizing is coming along, but we are enjoying every minute of it!

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