How to Travel With Your Jewelry – Minus the Snags

So, I’m packing tonight because we are leaving tomorrow for a long weekend in Michigan.  And as I’m laying out my outfits, I’m getting my jewelry out to go with each outfit.
Hmmm…how can I pack my necklaces when I don’t have a jewelry roll?
I got an idea!
I grabbed a hand towel, my necklaces, and some safety pins.
I laid out my necklaces evenly spaced and about 2″ from the top edge of the towel.
I pinned through the hook of each necklace, then pinned the top and bottom into the towel.
All the tops and bottoms were nicely pinned down to the towel.
I covered the pins with the top edge of the towel.
Then I covered the necklaces with the bottom half of the towel.
Then I rolled it up, tied with a cute bow, and packed it in my suitcase!
Pretty clever, huh?!  🙂

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