Inside My Craft Room – Updates & Such

A few weeks ago, on Mother’s Day actually, I finally got around to painting my craft room, and showed you the finished paint color.  I’ve been slowing putting the room back together and getting it organized, and so far I’m very pleased with what I’ve accomplished.
I want to show you what I’ve done so far, and share my ideas for future projects!  (Warning: This is a picture-heavy post!)
So, let’s flash back, shall we?  Here’s what my craft room looked like up until a few weeks ago:
It was a horrendous color of putrid green, lacked good storage space, and was just a very uninspiring mess of a room.

Now, it’s a gorgeous blue, clean, organized, and completely inspiring! I love being in this room!  Let me give you a little tour…

I got this awesome storage unit for my birthday last weekend at IKEA.  This shelving unit is part of the IVAR system.  It’s so versatile.  I’ll eventually get at least one more section and additional shelves, but for now, it holds a lot and I love it.  I will probably paint it at some point as well.  I was just so anxious to have shelves, that I put it up as soon as we got it home!
On the top left, I have bins that hold my paints and fabric, canvases, and other craft supplies.  (And see that awesome sign up there that says, “Oh Snap!”?  My sweet friend Bethany at Pitter and Glink made that!  Love!
On the middle shelf, I finally have all of my Project Life binders and cards in one place.  I’ve had the hardest time finding shelving that was tall and deep enough to hold my binders.  Since I’m able to adjust the shelves to any height I need, I created the perfect space!
Under my Project Life albums, I have a shelf full of inspiration!  All of my magazines and craft binders are out of the box (and it only took a year!) and out where I can actually use them.  Novel idea, right?
On the floor, I’ve stored my plastic bins that hold office supplies, copy paper, and things like that.  I also have a tiered storage container with jewelry-making supplies in it…when I finally get around to try making jewelry.  (One day…)
On the right side, I have more bins with more craft supplies, including my ribbon which is organized in bins now.  For the past year, it’s been sitting in an open ribbon holder meant to be hung on the wall, but rather than hanging on the wall, it’s been hiding in the dining room, or under my craft table, or in the hall closet….wherever I felt like moving it so it would be out of the way for the moment.
On the ends of my shelving unit, I used Command hooks to hang my organizers from Thirty-One.  I can keep any important paperwork close at hand but out of the way.  Just the way I like it!
Let’s move on to the desk area now.  You’ll notice my gorgeous Audrey Hepburn print that my sweet hubby gifted to me last year for my birthday.  This, too, came from IKEA.  {Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my favorite movie!}  Do you see the washi-tape covered light switch under Miss Audrey?
I have two tables that I’ve put together to make a corner desk.  I’ll give you two guesses where the tables and chairs come from, and the first guess won’t count.  Yea…you can find the table top here and legs here.  On that big blank wall above the desk, I’m going to create a wall collage that will include a cork board for any inspirational pictures, craft ideas, etc.  I also want to fix up that lamp in the corner and make it more crafty.
On the left side, I’ve set up Marley’s drawing supplies in bins I bought from Pick Your Plum.
The long table is my desk/work space.  I’ve got my trusty Erin Condren planner and my favorite pens – Project Life pens by Becky Higgins.  I also picked up that cute yellow cloud napkin holder at IKEA and use it to hold my greeting cards.
I couldn’t resist this cute wooden symbol that I picked up at Marshall’s recently.  You know, since I’m a blogger and all…I thought it was the perfect addition to my office.
Moving on down the table, I have these four knobs that were my initial inspiration for the whole room.  I found these at Hobby Lobby months ago and fell in love with them, and planned my color scheme around them.  Now to just find them a home on the wall somewhere…
That lovely “Live” art piece came from Bethany, too.  She’s so awesome!
At the far end of my table, I have a Thirty-One bin that holds all kinds of random things.  Two of my recent cards that I’ve received as part of the Karing Card Club sit front and center.  They’re too pretty to put away!
Directly across from my desk is my big craft table, where all my crafty work happens.  It’s bar height, which makes it so easy to just walk around and grab my craft supplies, then go back to working.  Yet another IKEA find hangs on the wall, that colorful owl print that my daughter gave me last year.
I recently made the fabric pennant banners hanging above the windows.  They turned out way cute, and I’ll share that with you on Thursday, as well as the details of my storage bins on my shelving unit.
So there you go!  I’ve got a lot of things planned to dress up the space, but I’m so in love with it right now!  It’s a massive improvement, don’t you think?!

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  1. It looks awesome!!! I so can’t wait to have my own space like this!!! I think if it ever did happen I’d be lost at how to begin organizing because I over analyze everything-too much lol!! I love the color, the organization, the way you have crafting space and desk space but I especially like that even marley has a dedicated space…I think that was seriously my favorite part even with how awesome the room as a whole is!! Nice work!!

  2. Kirsten – I love it! My craft room is your “before” times about 20 (and I’m not kidding). I love the Audrey picture – such a classic piece! 🙂


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